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The Best/Worst of the PDGA Discs

I know that a lot of folks will have a favorite disc that the PDGA sends forth as their signature disc in a particular year, and at the same time quite a few folks will think that the gratis gift from PDGA is worthless.

So look in the bag (or in the marketplace) and nominate what you feel is the best disc, and the worst disc that the PDGA sent you for being a member... or that you picked up out of the marketplace because you think black discs are cool.

I am only familiar with 3 so please indicate year if you remember the specifics:

ESP Stalker
Lat 64 Diamond
MVP Inertia
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The quarter k2was dope.
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I found a stalker in puddle that was a really good disc for me until it got too flippy. I got my inertia for signing up this year and it's 150 class. I haven't thrown it, but my buddy threw his and said it turns and burns right out of the box, so it's just hanging on my wall
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I've thrown all 3 so-

The Stalker is the best of the bunch. Nice stable/straight flight even for low power. Higher power they're a great hyzerflipper. Nice woods disc.

Diamond is next. Great for low power players distance and turnovers but too flippy to be good for most. Roller city for any power.

The Inertia I never liked at all, in fact I hated it. Hard to say that about many discs but it's true for this one. Slick and stiff, terrible feel. No glide, flippy, just bad.
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I signed up 2005/06ish and got an X Storm.
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I would've kept and thrown the diamond but it was all black. It was almost guaranteed to be lost here in these wooded North East courses.
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Love my ESP Stalker. I've had 2, both money. I don't have the PDGA Inertia, but I have a regular N Inertia, and it's my longest disc.
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Originally Posted by runningDoc View Post
I would've kept and thrown the diamond but it was all black. It was almost guaranteed to be lost here in these wooded North East courses.
Exactly. Love how it flies, but play almost always in the woods. That thing would be lost quick. I ended up getting bright neon yellow one.
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I have a Inertia and a diamond but have never thrown either. The inertia is a much better looking wall hanger though, lol.
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I've got the Diamond and I threw it before but its an awesome disc. Most people have the inability to power down and get it down the fairway but for me, I throw it about 70% and just worry about the snap and watch it fly. At the BG Ams, I used it a decent amount especially on the longer anhyzer throws. I like how easy it is to get it to get distance but how its an easily controlled disc.

Just snagged an Inertia so I'll be interested to see how that throws as well.
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