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Beat to "F" and then some

Quick question...are some colors more easily beat?

I have been playing misc. latitude discs this summer and recently purchased a pink opto river to back up a couple of rivers that I already own.
One an orange opto the other a day go gold line.

After three weeks the pink one looks like it has been driven over by a semi, several times. The others look brand new, yet beat to fly great.

Do you folks think it might be a bad run or heve you experienced pink opto to have issues with chuncking. Looks like I have put it into a blender.
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i used to play exclusively with lat64; most of my stuff was GL, though. i never really noticed some beating more than others except one time, and it was primarily scuffing more than usual.
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My pink Opto Pure that's been in the bag for going on a year has seen a ton of use on a course with a ton of gravel in the fairways. It's scratched up but not bad. It's also beaten to gradually lose most of its fade.
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I've had the samething happen to a pink lucid escape and a purple opto havoc. The escape was perfect for about 2 rounds and literally the 3rd round it just started flying like a totally different disc, less stable then my GL fury. It was useless... And the havoc went from nice and stable, to perfect distance S lines, to uncontrollably flippy in about 2 months. and I only play about 3 rounds a week, so I don't beat discs up easily at all. I've never had another havoc (kinda want another one though) but I'm 2 months in with another pink escape and it still flys like new! So I don't know what it is.
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I think you got some kind of fluke plastic man. I've been using some opto plastic for about two years now and it's barely scuffed...and trust me, I hit plenty of trees. That said I also had an escape that tacoed and was never the same after that but no major nicks, gouges or anything like that.
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All my Opto discs look nearly new after months of beating into trees, streets, etc. I have blue, orange, yellow, pink, and haven't noticed any difference in wear by color.

Could just be a random disc....
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My GLs and RGLs all look like new, but the stamp on my RGL Pure is starting to come off. None of the other discs (River, Diamond, Fuse, Pearl) have any wear at all on the stamp.
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Most of my discs are.opto and most of those are pink, no problems here.
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