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So yeah, since I got a slightly flatter and less stable (minimally lower PLH) green one along with an orange that's just at my preferred stability, I decided to pull out the electric kettle and a pot and have a look at how the dome affects these things.

First I used the suction method to get some dome going, and managed a healthy amount. Not quite as big as the pink ones, but enough for my purposes. Quick comparison showed me that the PLH was now noticeably over the orange one's, so clearly it'd be more overstable.

Then I put it on a flat surface and flattened it a bit with hot water. It's now just ever so slightly more domey than the orange one, and has minimally higher PLH. I think I'm going to leave it there, because I also noticed this:

Don't know how it affects stability yet, haven't thrown it since that happened. Good to know that I can adjust it if I want to.

So if you don't care about the legality of your discs, and the Axis flies too under or overstable for you, it is quite possible to change it, and it's not hard.
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^ Yikes, how'd that happen??
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30' isn't that high... especially when going for distance.
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My orange 179g Axis showed up in the mail today from DGC all twisted and bent (as usual, you get what you pay for). I hope it gets better.

Had to get a few field throws in before the sun went down. Flies just like a Buzzz to me. Thrown flat, it handles power without turning much and goes straight. Also holds hyzer/anhyzer lines easily.
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I love my 177g blue Axis it is probably one of the most exciting disc ive thrown. My friends I play with all want one now they seen me throing mine and were asking if it had a magnet in it because it was just going strait to the basket.
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What's the quick version of color/dome vs stability for these?
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Chalk up another Axis fan, five throws with this thing and I was in love. It's a 180 and I'm shocked at how easily and long this thing throws... My girlfriend hucked it and even she got it to go a nice distance.
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Originally Posted by jubuttib View Post
You're thinking about handegg, where the crossbar is indeed at 10', you silly Americans. I'm talking about football, where the goal is 8 yards wide and 8' high.
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I have a 180g orange axis almost as flat as my photon ions. I only played 9 holes today on our pitch and putt. I was intrigued it handled nicely in a 10mph wind. It held nice annies and was easy to throw straight.

This disc on my first testing held lines nicely and did well with a 10 mph wind. It was more neutral then a Z buzz but still had some fade. It was more glidy then a buzz and was a fun disc to throw.

The disc did very well for me but still needs more testing.

Cheers - Koffee
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