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Got my 178 green in today and took it out for a round. I'm a beginner so my review isn't worth much but here goes...

First of all these things are great looking discs that felt comfortable in the hand. I had a guy walk over to my shot just to check out what it was.

I got this to go along with, or replace my 150g Shark that I thought was too light. I threw the two back to back a lot and I have to admit the heaviness bothered me a little more than I thought it would. At the end of the day I was still having better results with the Shark but I kept thinking that I'd love the axis if it were a little lighter. I know these are supposed to be neutral flyers but I tried a lot of hyzer and anhyzer shots with it. Had a lot more luck when throwing anhyzers.

I'm still excited to take it out on Sunday since I feel like I have a lot more testing to do with it and I know the potential if I can get over the weight issue.
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I don't like the AXIS... there I said it! BUT it's only because I don't like the feel of it. It flies exactly like described. It just feels more roc/wasp than buzzz and I have thrown the buzzz since I started playing. Oh well, traded my orange one already and am thinking about holding on to my pink one just in case these first runs become a wanted item.
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After not getting to play much this week due to a sick child, I just got in a long practice round and some great final testing of my Axis (I'm going with Leopard's spelling). I think I'm a bit beyond my "disc crush" phase at this point and I'm boiling down exactly how the Axis is going to fit into my game/bag. Today I was using my original green 179, a new green 179, and a red/orange 178. All have slight domes.

My original seems to have broken in a little over the last couple of weeks (which has implications on the effect of flash vs. other factors on the initial break-in of premium plastic discs). This is most noticeable on powered down shots which were fading out earlier with the new green Axis. I also noticed that at high speeds my original Axis was flipping up/over more than the new green one. I agree with Jubuttib that the Axis in general does not take power as well as the CMD2 or even the Buzzz. I would notice more difference in the Buzzz's distance when I threw it hard vs. harder than I do with the Axis. When I give it a smooth 85% it goes just about as far as it's going to go when I rip it 100% on the same line. To get more D it needs more height rather than more muscle. It will also handle a little wind fairly well, but I would not trust it on gusty days to hold a line and not flip at the upper half of it's range. My broken in Axis also powers down awesome for approaches. I've never had a disc that held low lines so well regardless of hyzer/flat/anny angle, and this has been very useful in my game already, negotiating ceilings too low for my Ion. It is a disc that does exactly what you tell it to, for better or for worse. If you turn it more than intended there is little in terms of forgiveness as it will hold to the ground.

I also had some interesting results with the Axis in different wind directions today...I was throwing a long anny shot with a right to left wind that was slightly from the rear. I first threw my Fuse, which in normal conditions is much less stable than my Axis. Due to the wind it did not flip as much as I intended from it's slight anhyzer release, rather it just kind of pushed straight on it's angle and dropped. I threw the Axis the same way and it held it's slight anny line much truer rather than getting pushed by the wind and faded out later as well.

The red/orange 178 Axis I have it noticeable more stable/overstable than the new green one I was comparing it to. It is still nowhere near a Vector, but I could not flip it from flat and it was hooking up slightly earlier on the fade. It still holds slight anny angles like the other Axis, rather than fighting them like the Vector does.

In conclusion, I really feel that the Axis is a new flavor of mid. People can compare it to anything they want, but it really does not fly like a Buzzz, Roc, Comet, or any other mid that I've spent much time with on the course. It's useful for a variety of things and I think it is by far MVP's most widely marketable disc yet. I'm not sure it will be as big with power players as the Roc or Buzzz, but I think for the vast majority of players it may work better than those for midrange drives and approaches.
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Just got my Ibex and Axis. I am looking forward to throwing them head-to-head tomorrow to decide which one makes the bag.
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I got a chance to play yesterday and today quite a bit...I'm getting used to the grip and release for the Axis. Using my one and only 179 green flat one, with very little if any dome at all. I agree with Discspeed above...it sails quite far on 85% of clean power with a little height and not so much more with a full rip. I still torque it over a bit, though.

I'm really starting to like it though...it definately holds longer, sweeping glidng hyzers much better than my Buzzz did.

I'm still using a beat-up X Buzzz for the big turnovers...not sure how long it will take to beat in an Axis to this state, but with my ability to find trees, I'm sure it will be turning big in a few months.
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First Axis ace!

I just got my first Axis ace this morning! It was a 261' downhill hole that you have to throw through a gap off the tee and then negotiate some pine trees to get to the basket. My shot was too straight, headed right for the basket, but also right for a tree that just barely takes away the straight line. If there were no trees there my shot would have hit the basket dead on, but I kissed the tree right in front of the basket. The shot was about to fade, so the tree hit just barely knocked it out to the right and it hyzered right back to it's line and into the chains.
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Is it between the 2 pines in the middle?

Great shot none the less
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Originally Posted by Rol6566 View Post
Is it between the 2 pines in the middle?

Great shot none the less
I can't tell for sure, but I think the basket is in the long position in that picture. The short position I aced today is just peeking out from behind the big pine in the middle, about 25' behind it. My shot just barely kissed that tree.
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What course is that?
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