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Originally Posted by tom12003 View Post
I've played with or met hundreds of DGCR members at the Plantation Ruins @ Winget (Charlotte), I'm the course director. I'm there almost everyday. I welcome DGCRers--"grand tour" and the almost sure bet of beating me (I am 66). PM if coming to the Charlotte area.
I'm guessing you took a day off after spending all day walking the Beavers and playing Winget and Renny with Rolex and I.

I know it wasn't easy for me to get out of bed the next morning.
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johnny depth. hands down.
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Originally Posted by aPfaff View Post
It'd be fun to get another round in with 1978 and Steven Jacobs. Let's add KenTyburski to that list as well. Also, I would like to play with MTL just to meet him in person.
I'm much more awesome than you might think.
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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
johnny depth. hands down.
Thank bunny.

I want to play with you too
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
I'm much more Blossom than you might think.
Really? That's cool, I guess.

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I'm FB friends with that Blossom chick and I have no idea why.

I'd play with a small handful of you. I'm not much for popularity contests so I won't name names.
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I can't believe no one picked me. I play with myself all the time and it's great fun.
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MikeC no contest. I would just love to meet the guy and understand how he views disc golf and just see him in action.
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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
Anybody in socal.
What, no love for NorCal?
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
Ditto that. I think you can tell a bit about people when you see how the come across on the forum over an extended period of time, and I haven't read anything but positives about the experiences people have had with Dave, and I bet Stoney Hill's a really fun course to play.
Glad I got to follow through on this - it's nice when things live up to your expectations; Dave, Chris, and Stony Hill deliver. I've been fortunate enough to play with several DGCR members over the last few years, some a few times - most of the DGCR members I've met have been solid people.

Current list of DGCR members I haven't played with but would like to (in no specific order):
Chuck Kennedy
Paul McBeth (hell, might be neat just to caddy for him)

Dunno how feasible it is, but I think I'd have a fun time playing with any of those guys.

Originally Posted by threevok View Post
I can't believe no one picked me. I play with myself all the time and it's great fun.
... might be the reason why

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