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I actually find use for the Groove when I need a sharp turn or a big skipper. Don't expect to ever throw it straight for 300 feet.

Buzzz is awesome...I have 2 of them and other than my putter they probably see more action than any of my other plastic.
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I for 3 more Skullboy Lat74 disc to complete my set: Havok, Halo, and River.

Also ordered a 2nd Dyemax G/L Pure because they had a 5$ off plus 15% off discount yesterday.
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Default new discs

Just bought a:

used 175 11x Eagle with "Cali" on the inside rim. 9/10 very broken in though..

great disc! I was recommened by some members of DGCR to drop my overstables and high speeds to switch for low speed understables and Im glad I did. I can now hyzer flip, and my girl is all into helping me recognize form errors that my high speed overstable drivers were hiding.

175 Star Mako.

Also another recommendation from DGCR members. I had never even thrown a mid range a month ago, and didnt even see their purpose. but now that i got this Mako anything under 250 is laid up clean. I used to just hyzer spike my overstables as an approach, but in the long term that simply doesnt work.

180g Aero

Didnt actually "purchase" this one, but a guy hit my car with it in the parking lot and said i could keep it becasue it left a mark. (gotta love DG parking lots) anyway this is a great straight flyer, but i dont know too much about this. Innova's disc discriptions are pretty stupid they use the same adjectives to describe everyone of their discs so its sort of hard for me to decypher any differences between this disc and the rest of my mids without actually going out and throwing for a couple of hours.

175 Z Buzz

Just got this one used, great flyer. a little more flippy than most of my previous Buzzz's, I think I can hyzer flip it but not consistently. is there a trick to hyzer flipping mids?
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Originally Posted by FrigYallHos View Post

Just bought off discgolfcenter.com

Yes thats a groove. I really wanted to see for myself how bad everybody says it is.

Sidewinder. My old one is pink. Decided she needs a purple sister. I love sidewinders.

And the titanium buzzz. Never thrown any buzzz ever but I hear good things. The .5 overstable on it was appealing to me too. Unfortunately its olive green and just asking to get lost in some pine trees or somethin.
That Ti Buzzz is probably closer to a 0....

And you're worried about your Buzzz getting lost? Talk about hippie camo!
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Originally Posted by steinkecm View Post
That Ti Buzzz is probably closer to a 0....

And you're worried about your Buzzz getting lost? Talk about hippie camo!
Haha Ive yet to lose a single tyedye. It seems greens and whites I lose the most.
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Huh. I guess I haven't lost mine, either....but I'm afraid of them. The one I have that I bought I've since retired...and the other one I used was a gift. But I'll be damned if I'd ever use them in a tourney. I would never find them in time to not be stroked.
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Champy-Star Starfire
150 Class PD
Pearly Pre-Flight Numbers Orc(2) and Valk
Champ Banshee
Glow FB
Champ Shark
Star Leo
Skull Ching Roc (found no numbers) 4/10
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Just received this 150gm Champion Mamba. Nice & pearly & a bit gummy, it will be good for tailwinds & maybe rollers after i dye it. The pic really does'nt show how pearly it is! I hope they make more disc's in this plastic.
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Well I drank the koolaid...and man did it taste good.
169g GL River
169 opto River
176 opto Pure
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Default Worlds Discs

Here are some discs I picked up at the 2012 Worlds:
Discraft Mayan stamp:

Picked up from Gregg Barsby:
Westside Discs Sword:

Sword color details:


Pursi details: Rare because the Finnish language stamp:
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