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ridiculously pearly:

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^^Cool Vibram mini. Mine is more like a boot tread.

Received a lovely blue sparkle opto saint, and a grippy zero mercy. So happy Lat 64 brought back the zero plastic. It's miles better than their EZE stuff.
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yea they had those also. really thin right?
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Originally Posted by PhillyMatt View Post
ridiculously pearly:

I've been trying to figure this out for a while. I'm not sure if there's really an official nomenclature for referring to these things, but is that "crinkled" look in the plastic what you refer to as pearly? I've read a lot about Latitude's colorshift, but that's more of the change in color depending on how the light hits it, right? I'm guessing a lot of people confuse these...

Those are pretty awesome. Quite attractive. I would like to get one that looks like one of those some day and be able to enjoy how beautiful it looks in person instead of solely across a computer screen
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I would personally call it pearly yes. it's not the classic pearly you'd see in innova discs, but IMO it looks a lot better.

If it's not pearly I'd like to know the correct term myself. I was referring to the crinkle look as opposed to the color shift of the river. It has both of those features, a really nice looking disc.

Yeah these beauts were just too nice to pass up. I've never throw either disc, but I'm excited to see how they fly. We stopped at a local shop today on our trip. My buddy got 3 vibram discs SUPER soft, one driver one mid one putter. Another nice choice.
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175g kc pro aviar tourney stamp
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One word: WOW!
My haul from DTW warehouse sale.
That absolutely unreal XXX Gl 168g.
Metallic orange Westside VIP Sword 168g.
Clear Opto Skulboy Halo 173g.
And a El-Kabong highly recommended flatter than flat, gummy orange sparkle Opto Trident 164g. Very nice, gorgeous stack of plastic.
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A lot! Got me a Pearly Pro Line Monster, a couple Cryztal Nukes, a CFR champ gator, and most recently, a red and a blue CFLX Zone.
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I should have pics up either later today or tomorrow afternoon. Awaiting ever so patiently for the mailman. He takes so long when I'm waiting for plastic.

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That blue XXX is unreal! I tried looking through a few stacks of GoldLine this weekend, just to see if I could find something swirly. My rivers are pretty, but nothing like that XXX. All the new stuff is lacking the depth that old GL had. There were some sweet colors but no colorshift or swirl.
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