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6 Roc3 Protos
4 Roc3 USA Birds
2 Roc3 Birds
Huk Lab cryztal stalker from my gf
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Last week I picked up a TP Sword, TP Northman, FR Lucid Trespass, FR Lucid Fugitive and an Opto Pure. Thank goodness I got a Christmas Bonus this year.
Old 01-03-2013, 03:48 PM
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picked up a nice TP warship and another RC3 last night
Old 01-03-2013, 04:11 PM
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12X 166 Red Champ Eagle....181 gr blue Flying Squirrel....168 gr S-line Red PD
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Just bought this beauty from brewcrewdominates. Can't wait for it to get here

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Yum! Anode and Amp on right are going to a MyThrow contest winner, the others are mine, all mine!! MWAHAHAHAHA! I love me some stable Ions!
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Don't have pics but I picked up a 173g First Run DD Trespass (pink!) and a 172g AJ Star Destroyer (peach). Had to pick up the new Trespass and I wanted a fresh Destroyer to compare it against. Excuses, excuses.
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(3) Lucid Trespass <> Lucid Judge
Pinn Rival <> Icon Clutch <> Gravity Clutch
FLX Drone <> Lucid Escape <> Lucid Fugitive
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Star FL and S-TD2 for $25 shipped from disc outfitters going out of business sale.

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well i had went more then six months or so without buying any new plastic but have went lil crazy over the last week or so ...

Proto Rc3 , Glopto Pink Saint, 2x Sparkle Opto Saint, Opto River, Champ Mamba, christmas star sidewinder, hmm i might be forgetting something
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