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Originally Posted by JAKE master View Post
i think i dye makes fire red and pink as well. jo anne fabric had it for 3$
id start with those two
they do make several colors, but not in the iDye 'POLY' version, which is what you need in order to dye discs. Though i've not tried it, there enough instances of other members on the forum having zero luck with the regular iDye that i would suggest against it. Its reported to simply not soak into the disc at all, or so very litte that it isn't worth it. There are only 8 or 9 colors in the iDye poly (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black?) so you may have to experiment with timing your red dip to see if you can get a pink.

i did recently come across this older thread where neon colored fishing bait dye was used with some pretty promising results... check it out:
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^thanks, good catch, i had typed it into google i dye poly, didnt even notice they had just set me up for i dye. good catch, i almost ordered. would have been a shame to finally try some dyes and be a flop.
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too denim

A few months ago I needed to grab a champion Beast real quick and the only color the sporting store had was a red wine. For me this is a terrible color to find on the course. I found some 2005 sun orange Rit dye and tried to change the whole top of the disc to that color, but for some reason it didn't take. I then found some 2009 denim Rit. That color took well....too well. I pretty much have a dark purple disc (almost black now). I believe I've bought the last pre-2011 Rit in my area, so I was going to buy some iDye Poly. Will the iDye Poly dye strong enough over the deep purple? I'd like it to be a bright vibrant orange or yellow. Since its already blackish, I was going to make my first attempt at putting an image on the disc. Maybe dye the disc orange but have the center be a chess knight in the black/purple. So will iDye orange/yellow dye over the purple?
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Sorry, but it won't work. This isn't like paint where you can layer it on. With dye you have to cover up mistakes with a darker color, not lighter.
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Like the saying goes, "once you go black...

You can't go yellow...?
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Yeah..."Once you go black..." was exactly what I was thinking while I wrote that post. I guess I better be careful where I flick that one from now on.
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Found some for a great price .. 2.99 . cheap shipping as well
bought a whole set of iDye Poly
Looking forward to getting back in the dying game ..
My cpu was down for a while . so plotter wasn't working
But now i have a new cPu, new monitor, New Copy/Scaner , and of course my Plotter ..
Gonna Have some fun this year ~
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Just mixed up my first batch of Idye (Red), how come nobody ever mentioned how cool it looks IN THE PAN?!
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koogs is that with the intensifier? red is the only idye i have not tried i did not notice that with the other colors. looks line brains.
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Originally Posted by koogs View Post
Just mixed up my first batch of Idye (Red), how come nobody ever mentioned how cool it looks IN THE PAN?!
Maybe because mine never looked like that. Interesting
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