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i remember playing this hole. that picture doesnt really do the justice of just how uphill it is. the short plays more like 450. i think i took a 4 with a viking viking roc aviar (remember this was back in like 05 not long after it first opened). took a +10 playing par 3s my first time through.
today id bomb either a vulcan or destroyer (wind dependent) then roc (short)/OLF(long) it up there and see if i can make the putt for 3.
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Short- FH a t-bird, Roc, putt.
Long- FH a SOLF, t-bird, approach, putt.

There's a hole at my local course similar to this but not uphill like this. It's similar in how there's a line of trees right about where the landing area is off the tee. If u don't have the power to crush it over the top, u have to very precise to land in one of the gaps to have a good look from there. From observing many HOD's, this seems an underutilized feature in hole design.
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Maybe a FH to with my Katana (I know, be quiet), then finish buzzz, putt.
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long=Valkyrie, then Tee-bird, putting
short=Wraith to hopefully putting range
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TL, RHBH off the tee, released flat to get a bit of anny in it to go around the tree on the left and end up in the middle or right of the fairway. Then just buzzz it in from there.
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Pro Wraith, then a leopard or stingray depending on my lie, then hopefully a putt.
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Beat in champ boss rhbh
esp buzz or esp flx challenger
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R-Pro Boss (140g) off both tees, then approach with a Cobra after that
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