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Originally Posted by timg View Post
I don't mind playing alone and probably do 90% of the time. I find it kind of relaxing a lot of the time.
This is me too. Also before a tournament, it gives me a chance to try different things to see what works best without worrying about slowing down a group of people.
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I have no qualms about playing alone, and in fact I've played a number of new (to me) courses by myself, especially when I'm on a trip.
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I play most of my rounds alone, and tend to score my best for some reason. I guess I do better without an audience.
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Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
I usually play by myself because I don't often plan ahead when I'm going to play, and most people I know just aren't that spontaneous. In fact right now I'm trying to decide whether to go play a round or just relax at home and catch up on my laundry.
thats the way i am i hate always having to plan stuff ahead of time then waiting around and putting up with b.s. about people saying they want to go play then changing their mind .

what i do is just tell people im gonna be there if you wanna play thats where ill be ,if your there thatll be cool if not im still going then hangup before they explain why they cant play "well maybe uhhh" im not gonna b.s. or try to talk them into going as i hate when people try to guilt me into playing when i dont want to
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Originally Posted by darktoaster View Post
I tend to have my best games when I play alone which sucks because no one I know can verify them. For example I shot a 40 at Lenora Park in Ga one day when I was alone. I just got on a roll and because of the quick speed of play I just stayed on it the whole game.
I play alone alot also and have the same issue. I also can never seem to handle tournament pressure as compared to playing alone. I shot 6-10 shots higher in a tourney at my local course.
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I play alone most of the time because the courses I like to play are 50-100 miles away from my home. Never get to meet many folks who are not in groups. I will say that there are a good number of ones and twos at BR Highland Road who will invite me to play, when they are there. I also don't go during the peak times, so there are not many on the course when I go. Like timg says, its still relaxing and fun.
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Its always better with friends but sometimes flying solo is the best way to work on your game. Less pressure, less competition means that you can experiement with altrernate lines without the embarassment of proving that it was a foolish notion to begin with. Contrarilly, if you make a highlight reel shot and there is no one to witness it, it is not quite as satisfying.
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One thing I do when I play alone is play two separate games. The first to tee is the shot/disc I would always play, then I try something else the second disc, then i play them both discs from where they land. Often, the second disc gets the lower score.

In general though, I enjoy playing with a pal way better.
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I don't mind playing by myself, but I won't play my home course alone, because its full of snakes and hazards, and it a little dangerous to be out there in the woods alone. I use the buddy system on that course
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I like playing alone, it's good for the soul. Most of the courses I've played away from central VA I tackled alone, I find it to be a bit of an adventure. Getting lost or losing discs can be the frustrating downside, though. I've lost a couple there in Orlando, at Gordon Barnett, in either the water or the underbrush. That and Turkey Lake, though, those are four nice courses.
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