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Oh yeah, about the subject of the thread...

I am a primary RHBH thrower, but I started DGing only throwing RHFH. So now I have a really good combo game, although I am working on my anhyzer. I think you should be proud of your FH prowess because as was already said "LHBH players aren't exactly falling from the sky" (paraphrasing a bit).
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Originally Posted by amcarlson83 View Post
I was that guy the second year I played. Third year it was only for my approach shots (damn accurate, by the way). Now, I suck at it.
use it or lose it . I haven't done a thumber drive in a couple of months and when I tried a couple this last week they were terribly off from what they usually are. I have been consistently integrating a half power thumber with a mid for specific types of approach shots and you're right, they are damn accurate.
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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
better than those damn overhand guys...
Hey I resemble that comment .
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Originally Posted by A.Mutt View Post
I feel ya. I spent about 5 years only driving with thumbers. I actually had one guy literally say
"Oh ... You're one of those guys" with clear judgment in his voice.
On the other hand when I played in a tournament this year throwing thumbers predominantly because I didn't have confidence yet in my backhand I picked up a curious positive type vibe from some other players.
I have committed myself to learning backhand this year though and its finally starting to show. But I did it so I had more options not because I felt I had to do it to be taken seriously. Honestly I'm envious of people that can throw forehand as I struggle with that a lot right now, and I'd really like to piece it all together.

The way I see it a good line is a good line regardless of how you propelled it. And anyone that judges you for the way you throw is the same kind of person that would find something else to look down their nose at you for to feel better about themselves.
My game is basically exactly where yours is right now and I have the same short comings as well. I wish I could throw a RHFH it would make me giddy with good feelings.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Forehand and backhand, like peanut butter and jelly.
LOL...love it brother
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Originally Posted by ishelost View Post
Forehand throws can be a joy to watch but it seems all the best pros throw mostly backhand.
This is a good observation. I would even say that less than 10% of players rated over 950 drive predominantly forehand. If you aspire to be a good competitive player you can probably deduce from this observation that forehands can only take you so far.

If you aspire to have fun and enjoy the game for all its recreational benefits, learn a good chicken wing or grenade to go with your forehand!
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There's more distance potential and less injury risk with backhand, but if you're OK with how you're doing then I don't see an issue. However, it's pretty obvious that the more different shots you're proficient with (forehand, backhand, overhand, off-hand, ect.) the easier time you'll have scoring well, though.
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While I started playing RHBH, I played with a friend that throws solely RHFH. Each throw has is own purpose. I commited to learning to throw both. I can drive 300-400 RHFH and about 250-300 RHBH. While learning to throw both hyzer and anhyzer each way there are still differences in the flight paths.

Think about this you have a long curve to the right in tight fair way. The RHBH player will have to Anhyzer the disc through the curve. If at any time that disc hits anything it will lose most of it's HSS and in turn it's Anhyzer. The RHFH throw natural spin direction will allow for the lose of HSS and continue with the natural LSS which are taking the disc in the same direction.

Like someone else pointed out with a FH throw you can release a lot lower that any BH thrower. The other day in a Tournament I throw a RHFH that never went more than 12 inches off the ground. It still flew 300+ ft, lucky they had recently cut the grass or I would have been toast on that drive.

I think more pros throw BH because of the lower amount of stress put on the shoulder. Over the long run it might be better on your arm.

Embrace all the throws out there so we those on your card think you don't have a shot you can show them why you learned all these different types of throws.
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I love FH - it's weird some of my friends won't even try a FH even tho they have terribly weak BH's after seeing how much further my BH will go.

best is to have both a decent FH and BH - It takes a lot of work to get a very long BH - mines getting better.
I take advantage of the way the discs will end up fading. I'm LHFH and if the left side is OB ill throw backhand - conversely if i dont want to end up right ill throw FH
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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
better than those damn overhand guys...
I always laugh at these comments (not at you billnchristy, just in general). Not enough people know how to throw a tomahawk/thumber/pancake, and I've been hearing a lot more of "Damn, I need to learn how to throw one of those". Some people really despise them though, especially the epic. I even threw a thumber with the epic the other day, and two guys got all pissy at me telling me it's not PDGA approved and I can't use it in tournaments (has this changed or were they just being a$$holes?).

Back to the question the OP posted. I started primarily forehand because I didn't have any power backhand at a young age (10?). I really have never seen anyone give me the look about the forehand throw, only thumber/tomahawk. It's really satisfying putting a 400 ft straight shot out there and then turning around to watch their mouths hanging open. Most people don't expect such distance on forehand throws, and if you throw them correctly, they are not hard on your arm. The only time my arm ever hurts is after consecutive thumbers with the epic. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me, "Was that a sidearm/flick/forehand?"....

Another person made a good comment about low throws, forehand has much more mobility in how you throw a disc. From a standstill you can throw a forehand/hyzer/straight shot, and you can include a tommy in the forehand category. I can get far far far more distance out of a forehand flick in a tight spot than I will ever get backhand. Backhand requires a windup and drawback to get good distance, whereas I can just flick my wrist and send a disc on it's merry little way to the pin.

I'm not saying FH only is the way to go. I am still working on my BH as well, it's really nice to have both in my arsenal. I'm only at about 325-350 right now max on a backhand drive though, but the BH hyzer comes in handy a LOT. I really don't even need to throw an anhyzer anymore, which is probably why my anny is bad. I used to throw a mean forehand anny...

Just a suggestion I noticed though if someone is working on both, don't go for a prolonged amount of time throwing what you are trying to learn. I started this spring throwing for almost two-three months all backhand, and my forehand suffered severely. It took me almost a month to get my forehand back to what it was. Practice both, don't set one off on the side burner.
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