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Originally Posted by jtreadwell View Post
I'm sure you're a nice guy but this statement sounds very snobby and elitist, especially in the normally chill world of Disc Golf. If the device could be set up to only make noise on command it would be much less annoying and make tournaments faster if it could be incorporated into a disc during manufacturing. Not picking a fight or meaning any offense, just sayin'.
Youre probally right. That wasnt my intention. Ive currently been hosting a couple new players- as usual, it takes some patience, patience that would wear thin from a beeping device vs paying attention. Their cell phones going off is bad enough.
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If I'm looking for somebody’s lost disc, I find that if I ask "what color is the disc" I usually find it within a minute! I dont know how or why. But it happens often enough that's it's strange.

I always like to be the guy who finds the lost disc. You're like the hero of the group (for a few seconds).
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Originally Posted by Clempson13 View Post
i just spray mine with cologne and go where the ladies flock
This is the best post I've seen in a long time!
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My buddy wants to find a way to arm all his discs with self destruct mechanisms
triggered by wireless remote.... to quote him"that way those damned squids can't have my discs!"
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I prefer a more traditional metod.....

Watch where it goes!
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I actually was thinking about doing this today and ordered some parts to do it which I've placed below.

The Buzzer's drawing has a simple circuit example which I'm going to add a push button. I'm planning on just jumping everything together and shaping it into as low of profile as I can. Then I'm going to fill it with epoxy and play around with different tapes to hold it on to the bottom of a disc.

I don't plan on using this for every shot just on a couple holes that I apparently love to loose discs on (150-200 ft over dense trees and vegetation completely blind with tall grass around a grove that surrounded with more dense vegetation.)

The only elements that had a weight listed were the Buzzer (2 grams) and the battery (5.5 grams), the rest of the components should have almost negligible weight minus the epoxy (approximatly 1.5-2x water density) and the button (0.5 grams tops.) I may go with a lighter (less mAh) battery.

I bought enough for 10 of them for about $6.88 a piece which could be reduced with a cheaper less powerful battery.

http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?pv474=40&pv46=25652&pv46=25375&pv46=25366&pv46= 25565&pv46=25368&pv46=25458&pv46=25352&pv46=25444& pv46=4445&pv46=25615&pv46=25500&pv46=25489&pv46=25 454&FV=fff4000b%2Cfff80047&mnonly=0&newproducts=0& ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&quantity=0&ptm=0&fid=0 &pageSize=25
1 K Ohm:
10 K Ohm:
220 K Ohm:
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LOL, me and my buddies end up talking about strapping a GPS to the disc and getting an app for a smart phone to find the discs when we can't do it ourselves. GPS only weighs a couple of pounds..... no problem!!!
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Check these out guys....we just need them to cater a version for DG and make it cheap.
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My idea is to go biological.

I plan on getting a dog next spring.

Concentrated red fox urine on the discs + dog trained to find. (fox urine is cheapest, but maybe smarter to choose a urine of a predator not native to where one plays)

// I have used urine before for attempted rabbit control. I would barely notice the scent and if I did, I would adapt. Might not be for everyone.
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I caddied for nine years. After being able to sight a landmark behind the last place you saw the object fly, finding a golf ball is about 2800% harder than finding a disc. Unless the disc is standing straight up looking at you edgewise. Then it's about a wash.
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