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Megadisc complex- Cambridge, MN

Came across a new IG feed liking some of my stuff. Here's what I found.

From their IndieGoGo page-

"Disc Golf is growing in Minnesota, just as in the rest of the country and the world. This means more courses, more players, more tournaments and more fun!

Pay to Play courses are the future of disc golf and are already appearing around the country. Crowd funding is the ideal platform to realize a multi-course disc golf complex within 1 hour of the twin cities.

We have a unique opportunity to create a disc golf resort, and at the same time offer 1 year, 5 year and Legacy memberships at a reduced price during the building phase only."

I also stumbled onto this little piece of development from a few months ago.

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Pretty ambitious. Good luck to them though.
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I'll be curious to see how this does. It's going to be very hard to hit that mark. I was wondering what it'd cost using their estimates to just do two 18s to drop the price down a bit - looks like it'd be around $750,000, very roughly, so I suppose what's a few hundred grand more?

Some of the estimates seem a little high to me (especially the signage), but that's probably a good sign. It shows they're building some wiggle room into their budget, which is always needed.

I'd say that it'd be tougher to do a Selah-type resort destination in Minnesota where you have 3-5 months a year of brutally unfriendly disc golf weather, but of course Highbridge exists. I don't know how Highbridge compares to Selah frills-wise and money-making-wise.

Tangentially, I wonder how something like this would do in my region. There are no true top destination complexes in the Gulf Area; the closest is Blue Angel Park, which isn't centrally located within the relative dearth of courses. Putting something like this in southern Louisiana or Mississippi would fill a real void, but I wonder if it'd get the visitors to merit it. Of course, Selah isn't exactly in a greater metropolitan area.
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I agree with you Qikly- MN is not an ideal place for a year round revenue stream.

I applaud their ambition, but think they are aiming for too much at the start. They should focus on creating one championship level course with a pro shop that is at the caliber of Blue Ribbon or better. This would still cost a significant amount of cash and would require unique landscaping and holes to be a hit. All the extra bells and whistles at the start sound like an easy way to lose money quickly. They should build the revenue stream with the shop and one course, then add a second course, and if business is really booming consider the additional bells and whistles.

Best of luck to them! I am never against seeing new courses built in MN but with the cost of land (fun monthly payment) and the potentially low ROI initially, it seems kinda risky go "all out" at first.
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they probably should write a real business plan if they actually did it to gain funding lol.

Im going to say.... bunk'
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I don't see them getting the $996,765 they need by August 13th.
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I don't know how well this will do. First off I want to know each and every person involved in this and then I will tell you what I think of it. For the most part business ventures that include too many people never end good. Just like prodigy, there has to be one man at the top, who it in this case? Is it Alan Hansen begg? Is it Alex Aaron? Are they both the main guys or just the spokesmen and someone else is the person?
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Link in OP wasn't working for me.
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If they don't have someone big backing this its not gonna happen. I don't know all the people involved but have met a few of them and I know they are not rich. Asking the Minnesota disc golf community for close to 1 Mill is never going to happen. Who will pay a membership fee without a knowing if these courses are really going in.

I hope it happens not very far from me at all and it would be sweet but I just don't see it.
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I hope it happens.... I am no where near the place.... but more courses is always a good thing. I hope it works out for them.
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