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Either a hyzer flipped Sidewinder or a Banshee for the drive...Roc and then Ion/Wizard
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Starfire, Buzzz, Aviar.

This course is rather nondescript with little fun factor but this hole is one of the few challenges.
I don't really see it becoming any more fun years down the road when the trees have grown.
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Pro Wraith or Star Eagle off the tee, depending on wind. Then Core or Wizard or Eagle.
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hmmm...based upon the headwind/left>right wind comment i might honestly put a little torque on an XXX off the box. could be a horrible call though and might just play it somewhat safe with an opto flow. ion or vector lay, ion to finish.

no birdie here
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throw a control shot to stay in the lines ft roc
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When I played this hole several years ago at BG Ams in strong winds I believe I went OB drive with something overstable, then OB again on my up shot with something overstable, then long on my upshot with a roc, missed the long putt back and took a 7. I was on the top card at the time.

Don't worry I recovered by throwing my drive OB on the next hole.
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^^^ lol ouch , i wanted to RHBH River but with all the wind comments sounds like an Eagle-X for me. Hope to be close enough for a Roc shot but prob Eagle-X again to get on in for a putt.
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Force off the pad depending on where I am buzzz or challenger then challenger putt
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I'm thinking Valk > Roc > Ion
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Star Valk on the first throw. Probably a DX Rancho Roc on the 2nd. Hopefully finish with my Grand Wizard.... hopefully.
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