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Old 09-19-2016, 04:12 PM
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Default More durable driver plastic for novice


I just started playing disc golf this year and I've found that I have my best results playing with DX plastic from Innova. I'm 48 y/o, so while I would like to think I can gradually still improve, I don't expect to make huge distance leaps any time soon. For drivers, I find that DX Valkyries and DX Beasts around 170g are best-suited to my power level. I can get these to flip slightly and reach 250300 feet pretty consistently throwing RHBH.

But I wear through these discs in a few months and then I have to replace them when they become too flippy. What I'm looking for is a driver in something other than DX plastic that will work with my current arm speed as a distance driver.

I have a Champion Thunderbird (175g), but it's way too overstable for me to be used as a distance driver. Would a lower-speed or lighter Champion disc be an option? I've never tried Pro plastic and have heard from other players at my level that the Pro Valkyrie works for them. I'm not opposed to breaking a disc in, but I don't know how long it would take for some of these durable plastics.

Can anyone make a suggestion on model, plastic type and weight that I could expect to match my DX Valkyrie and DX Beast, but that will last a bit longer? It doesn't have to be Innova, but they are easy to find at local sporting goods stores so I have instant access.

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160g champ leopard
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Old 09-19-2016, 04:24 PM
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Champion or Star Sidewinder at that 170g, maybe in the upper 160s. It'll be similar to the Valkyrie fresh out of the box, and will season in slowly.
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Look for Pro plastic versions of those two molds in the same weight while Champion and Star are definitely more durable, they also will be more OS than the discs you are used to. Try out Pro Valkyrie then a Star one and beat it in until it flies more like you like.
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If it must be Innova I think moving up to Pro line from DX would be a good step up. If you're max distance is in the 300' range you might want to back away from 'Distance' drivers and use 'Fairway' drivers instead. It will help you throw them at their potential and you won't have to work as hard.

There are two great disc golf manufacturers that are based very close to you there in Rochester. If you like supporting companies from Michigan you should check out Discraft and MVP.

I've been hearing very good things about the MVP Relay here on this site. It's a speed 6 fairway driver that sounds like it would be a good fit for you. DiscBaron.com is a site for a store based in Grand Rapids and should be able to ship to you quickly. GO BLUE!
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Originally Posted by PWaggoner View Post
160g champ leopard
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I use a pro Valkyrie for anhyzers/hyzer flips out to 320. Quite US out of the box.
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You could also try a GStar Valkyrie in the high 160s. That way you get a reasonably durable plastic that comes out of the box in a stability somewhere between Pro and Star/Champion and will wear in gradually. YMMV, but I've had good luck with GStar Valks and find them to be great discs. That way you can also stick with a mold that you already know and like. The other suggestions of a 170 Champ Sidewinder or a 160 Champ Leopard are also good solid suggestions and those discs will last you a good long while. Don't think that just because a Leopard is Speed 6 (compared to a Valk/Beast at 9/10) that you will not be able to throw it as far. You will be and the odds are that you will probably even be more accurate with it.
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Try a Discmania C-Line TD. They're made by Innova.
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Star TeeBird and Pro Valkyrie would be great for you.
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