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Leopard-Like Controlled Driver

Noobish Inquiry Alert:
So I just began in the last couple weeks to throw my Champ Leopard with decent control (i.e., basically flies where and how I intend it). This is good since the home course is mostly 300-325' holes. Nonetheless, the Leopard is straight to slightly understable for me. I would like to know of other options for a slower fairway driver.

The problem is that I got a DX Gazelle and Banshee and they were not true to their ratings (both more understable then expected ). Do I try again until I find one that is true? Do I keep working on form until the Teebird flies as regular as the Leopard? Other options for great control discs for the 300'-325' range?
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Stick with the leopard..... This trying to find a magic driver is a slippery slope that will only halt your progress and damage your form.
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Trak, TL, Polaris, Cheetah, Stalker, Cyclone, Sabre... all those come to mind.
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I would say Millennium Quantum JLS.

It's a speed 6, and a new one in the high 160's/low 170's will be plenty stable. Lots of control, lots of glide.
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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
Trak, TL, Polaris, Cheetah, Stalker, Cyclone, Sabre... all those come to mind.
Here's a vote of confidence for a Trak. Love em! And this is coming from someone who has thrown leopards for years (and still does). I prefer my firm one, but the medium is great too. Not a huge fan of Vibram soft for anything but putters/middys.

EDIT- Also ^^^^QJLS!
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There isn't a fairway driver much slower than a Leopard my friend, it is like a fast midrange in my opinion. I would keep throwing your Leo and your teebird, until you feel comfortable to move up in speed. That is a killer combo.

I know some people would disagree, but I would also throw out dx plastic if you are trying to find a disc that is consistent in it's flight, it will last longer and stay in that sweet spot that you can rely on, it will help you gain confidence in what the disc will do. You could upgrade to star plastic maybe?
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If your Banshee and Gazelle were more understable than expected, I would say you need to work some more on your form. Neither should be understable at all.
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Maybe a Banshee in Champion plastic would do the trick.
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Icon Patriot kicked Leopards out of my bag. It's a fantastic disc for that understable, slower fairway driver.
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DX can break in quick off a few tree smacks. I would say Star TL around 170. Little bit longer and straighter then a Leopard.
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