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$5 a day is reasonable. Play the course two or three times. Fair enough for me
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As long as the course is taken care of I am ok with it. I have a private course that is $3 to play as many rounds as you want in a day and it is on the honor system. The course is so nice and fun it is worth way more then $3 and would play $10 to play if they wanted me too. I have played a couple pay to play in MN and a couple of the courses out there you pay $5 to play as many rounds as you can in one day or pay $50 for a bag tag for the yea and I am ok with that too.
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Just pay it and put a sock in it. The more popular the sport gets the more likely you are to pay for it in the future...........who knows maybe one of these private courses will even start making a profit.
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Originally Posted by GLong View Post
from what i've noticed, the people that complain about pay to play are the same ones that drink and smoke away most of their disposable income. if you can't afford to play a DG course then you have better things to worry about.
It's not a *REAL* troll thread until somebody blames all of the problems of the world on cigarettes and alcohol.
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Originally Posted by jhgonzo View Post
What if the course is maintained solely through slave labor and all the proceeds go to coke and hookers for the landowner, but the course itself is phenomenal?
Then let me know where that course is...
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Originally Posted by wkelly42 View Post
I think the fundamental mistake is assuming that the top ten courses are great places to play and therefore they started charging people to play. The fact is that the top courses are top courses BECAUSE they are pay to play.
Or perhaps neither. Of the courses I've paid to play, other than in state parks, it was always a case of someone deciding to build a great course, and factoring in pay-to-play as a way to make it feasible.
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Default Pay!

1) Usually pay-to-play courses are really nice so the fee is understandable
2) $5 wont get you a whole lot these days & is a totally reasonable amount to ask for a chance to play an awesome round of disc golf!
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The best course in the Memphis area, and maybe in TN, is pay to play. It's only $5 and it is a great course. it is actually on somebody's land and you have to drive by their house to get to it. In cases like this, I'm perfectly fine with paying them $5 to keep it in the great condition its in.
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I played Pyramids and Maple hill this past summer - both were like 6$ a round - and worth every cent. There are so many benefits to pay-to-play courses that your average local course won't offer. How about a sweet pro-shop? or the fact that you don't have to deal with chuckers and vandals and people that just go to the woods to smoke/drink their miseries away? no ruffians, no having to deal with the chance that your disc is going to get swiped, or baskets stolen, or etc. etc. etc. - We have (in Rochester, NY) an amazing 4 1/2 star rated course (Parma DGC) that is free, and I would def. pay to play it if it were required. If you want your free courses to be as nice as the pay2play courses, join your local club an see what you/they do to help maintain the course and pitch in - then you don't have to worry about dropping a whopping 5$.
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