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Default How much does a disc golf course cost?

Just curious as to how much money is involved in creating a disc golf course. What is the total cost of everything from start to finish? Items to consider are land/maintaince issues, insurance costs for city, teepads, baskets, signs, information station, installation costs, upkeep, replacement of damaged equipment and so on. Also, how often are courses sponsered by local buisnesses and people? How much do money comes in from these sponsors for a course? At certain courses that are such well designed and taken care of, I want to give a dontation for their upkeep for it must cost a lot of money to create some of the beautiful courses out there.
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"Mr. Brian Mazey, Lac St. Clair Kiwanis, stated they had raised money on two weekends totaling $3,000 to fund
the start up of Disc Golf and presented a check in that amount to Greg Esler, Director of Parks and Recreation,
to go towards the funding of the new sport called Disc Golf. Rick and Nancy Rich, 22305 Nancy Court, explained
the game of Disc Golf, stating that is comparable the game of Frisbee. At this time, additional funding is still
needed, and they would like to solicit businesses to sponsor holes. Five businesses have signed up to sponsor
a hole at the cost of $300 per hole and there are 9 holes total. The Disc Golf will be played in Brys Park, and it
is anticipated everything will be set and ready to open by next spring. "

copy and pasted from my hometowns city hall meeting report.
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Smile Tty this link for ideas

I would estimate that an 18 hole course would probably run in the $10 to $12,000 range. That does not include the services of a professional course designer, and I don't know what that would run. Check out this link for some help in designing a course.

Good luck!
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An awful lot of variables are involved here.

If you don't already have the land, the land purchase would be the major cost.

If the city has the land and is already maintaining it, maintenance costs are minimal.

After installation, costs are minimal but depend on where the course is---how much play does it get (erosion), how much vandalism or theft might it be subjected to?

Concrete teepads cost a lot more than dirt.

Innova has several packages, from a basic baskets-and-introductory-sign package to the complete, baskets, practice basket, holes signs, etc.
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i think i once read somewhere that it costs about 20,000 to make a nice quality course
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while 20k would be nice, it's a good chunk more than needed.
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Originally Posted by rockbuddist101 View Post
i think i once read somewhere that it costs about 20,000 to make a nice quality course
That sounds like a lot but thinking about it I guess that is not too much after all. I am sure than putting in a baseball diamond or basket ball court would probably be more.
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Originally Posted by rockbuddist101 View Post
i think i once read somewhere that it costs about 20,000 to make a nice quality course
Probably in the Spring 09 issue of Disc Golfer, the PDGA's new mag. There was an article in that issue by Lyle McCoon, Jr., a parks and rec athletics director from Kentucky, that discussed the economics of disc golf from a parks and rec perspective. He mentions that 9 baskets can be purchased for about $3000, so with natural tee pads and volunteer labor the costs for a simple 9 hole course can be very modest -- "less than one-tenth the cost of a very small piece of plyground equipment," in his words. At the high end, he estimates that a top-quality 18-hole course with professionally done tee signs, tee pads, professional course design, etc., would cost around $20,000.

He goes on to contrast that with the costs for "a medium-sized piece of playground equipment" at $75,000, $50,000 for two outdoor basketball courts with lights, or the hundreds of thousands that softball or soccer fields with lights generally cost.

He also makes the point that a disc golf course has the potential to serve far more people at a time than many of these other potential uses of funds, and that it will generally be used a much greater part of the time than fields that only get used for scheduled practices/games, etc.

Definitely an article worth checking out if you expect to be trying to make a case to a municipality or parks & rec department that disc golf is a good use of funds.
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I was talking to someone who works for a park district, and when I brought up the range of costs from a basic 9 hole course to a professionally designed championship course, she was really surprised at how cheap it was and said that it would fit pretty easily into most park districts' budgets. At this point I think it's much more about getting recognition for the sport and how many people are playing it rather than cost preventing more courses.
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