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Choosing weights & plastic for your mids

How do you choose weight and plastic when picking a mid?

What factors come into play?
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Usually I like them to be heavy to be the most predictable and they are always in the most durable plastic like Champ/Z/Phoenix so they don't change for a long time. I do keep some grippy ones around for winter though.
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Premium max weight generally are my go to mids. Baseline and lighter ones can be great complementary discs to your go to staple molds which don't wear much.
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I prefer 175-177g. I do bag a TP Tursas that is 173g. It is very easy to turn over from a stand still or short rollers. Other than that I like 175-177g for my mids.

As for plastic I also like to go with more premium plastic as it remains in the sweet spot longer and saves me money from having to buy mids every few months (unless I lose one).
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I like mids to be max weight for predictability. My reasoning is that if you want to throw farther you disc up to a fairway driver since you'll never be throwing mids for max distance so a little less weight isn't going to help you. Same reason I throw max weight putters and fairway drivers: I am always valuing accuracy and reliability over distance potential. If I want to throw for maximum distance then I grab a lighter weight high speed driver.
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If you want more "touch" with your mids, going down in weight a little can be an eye opener...while keeping the max weights for windy conditions.
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i like all the same plastic, typically premium, depending on the season/weather
weights are around 170ish with the more stable being heavier ( i do the same with my drivers)
i just picked up a couple cryztal wasps, so i now have a full set of cryztal mids for summer
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I want maximum control from my mids, so I stick with heavier weights and base plastics. The better grip makes it a lot easier to have consistent throws across all temperatures and conditions. My mid lineup has been cycled dx rocs with a kc roc and an x comet for a while.
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My desires are simple, max weight and premium plastic.
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When I threw Rocs I preferred max weight and DX or KC Pro. Better grip with the baseline plastic, and the ability to slowly cycle discs. Even DX takes forever to really beat in.

Now that I throw Buzzz's I prefer a couple grams lighter than max, and ESP or Z plastic. A D Buzzz beats in too quickly because there's no bead. You can still cycle these discs, it just takes even longer.
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