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Why do you throw the molds you throw?

If this has already been covered than just prerube me but I thought this could be a neat thread. I recently came back to the game and was overwhelmed by the new plastic and companies putting out discs. Like most of you I immediately started trying new stuff and even thought I would throw a one "molder" bag. However, every time I pull out some old standards I just click with them. So here are my molds (the molds that I'll most likely always crawl back to):

Buzzz- I have to mention this first but I throw this disc like nothing else. It is literally the only non-putter that I have ever been able to hold a line all the way to the ground (including straight). From time to time I try to leave it but it always takes me back.

PD- I don't know what it is about this mold but I've always thrown it really well. It is the only disc that has ever lived up to the "longer teebird" hype.

What about you?
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The polecat flies the same neutral path over a wide range of speeds when fresh and beats to turnover/hyzerflip machine. Amazing approach disc and great driving putter IMO.

The kc pro aviar is good for os driving and also a great putter. Both aviar and polecat are in base plastic or kc pro to maximize their utility throughout their life span and provide all weather grip.

Zone for rollers, flexes and going left.

Roc for super glidey goodness. In base plastic and kc pro. beat to turn hard, one straight and one fresh. They fly incredibly far with ease.
More people with noodle arms need to try base plastic. So much glide.

Teebird, too straight. Amazing. Fights the wind when fresh and the newer ones are beefy. gstar is stick straight, Flippy dx for touchy turnovers and hyzerflips from a standstill. Very versatile in our woods.

Tesla, very similar to a fresh spd or beefy qolf except it is a better roller/Tommy disc and a touch faster. Less glide at first. More comfy in a fh grip, nice and flat. Versatile disc.not very use ful in the woods yet other than overhand and rollers or Anny flex shots. still seasoing to develop some turn.

Xxx, the most blunt rim other than the trident. It's like having four wheel drive on a disc for rolling. Amazing roller, overhand and wind duty. Spike hyzers and flex shots.

Destroyers. You can find a destroyer for every distance line in your bag. Especially since I can hand pick at retailers.
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Kodachrome nailed it on the teebird, roc, zone, destroyer and aviar. I agree wholeheartedly, that is 70% of my bag.
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Wraiths or Destroyers.

Eagle X's and L's.

Rocs in KC and DX.

Aviars in KC, Yeti and DX.

Why? Because they cycle well and instead of having a different mold for each shot, I just have the same disc in a different stage of wear.
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These discs will always be in my bag:

Spike - US putter that glides well
Dart- Neut Power putter

Champ Cobra- Flies like a champ, straight with predictable fade
DX Cobra- Understable counterpart

Champ Boss(x2)- One domey for max D, one Flat for hard fade at end of flight
Star Destroyer - Understable glidey goodness
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Teebird - Just a great all-around driver. Dependable. You always know what it will do.

Starfire - I have to rep my Starfire because I'm really digging it. I was looking to replace my 12x Champ Firebird that was stupidly overstable and the owner of Disc Golf Mart recommended the Starfire to me. I wanted an overstable driver that would actually fly in the air before fading. This disc flies wonderfully and I can't wait until it wears into its sweet spot. Plus, it's tennis ball colored with a metallic purple stamp!

Roc3 - Quickly became a favorite disc. My go-to midrange, I switched out the Buzzz for the Roc3 because I kept turning my Buzzz when I wanted it to fade back. The Roc3 flies well on every line and I like the added stability for when I need it.

Drone - Another favorite, even if it doesn't get as much air time. Dependably overstable where you can easily range shots and know that this disc will fall out of the air at the right time. Super beef but workable. You don't have to worry about overshooting anything with this guy.

I'll leave it at that for now as I don't want to get too wordy. I love all my discs but these guys stand out to me right now.
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I love the comet because it really is a teaching tool. I base all my midrange and driver form with my other discs with how I'd throw a comet.

I know if I'm "on" if my initial throws with a beat in x-comet is going great. I have comets in different plastics too because of their varying level of weights and stability (big Z, Z, ESP, X) so I'll bring out all 5 comets I have in different plastics/weights to act as warm up primers for my drivers and midranges (so you can practice throwing slight hyzers, hyzer flips, hyzer/anhyzer lines, and dead straight lines.

after doing fieldwork with the different comets and working out the form and feel for the different shots I only need to do at most couple throws with my regular discs (tern, wraith, valkyrie, TeeBird, leopard, roc3) and I'm good to go. I then choose which comet is going good then can start my round.

my personal best scores in league play have always come after doing fieldwork with comets beforehand if I have the time.
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The core of my bag...

Wizard - love at first putt
Pure - best neutral driving putter in production
Zone - best short range disc I've ever thrown
Wasp - I threw Buzzzes for a couple years until I threw a Wasp. Second longest I've carried a disc
Patriot - Tried tons of understable drivers, and there was no contest. It's become my favorite BH driver mold
TeeBird - Been in my bag almost since I've been playing. Its reputation is well earned
PD - Been carrying them since you could place an order at Marshall St, and they'd send First Run S-Lines. Only distance driver in my bag
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QJLS - does almost anything you could ask a fairway driver to do. Insanely versatile disc. I would be lost without this disc in the woods.

Scorpius - The destroyer everybody wants but doesn't know about.

Sentinel - there is no better over stable mid than a Sanny Q. It has a very high amount of HSS and a dumpy fade only at the very end of the flight. I have thrown tons of over stable mids but nothing compares to the ease of placement. Most over stable mods want to fade the whole flight.
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I started with the Innova classics like Shark/Roc, then Aviar, Teebird/Leopard. Everything was fine.

Then I got a Wizard...and it started encroaching on the mids. Turned out the Wizard was doing tons of approaching and driving, and the Roc was barely getting used, only on stuff I couldn't quite reach with the Wizard or if there was a little more wind or a bigger hyzer needed.

Things changed when I lost the Roc for a few days and got a Core...turns out I'm more of a Buzzz type of player. I throw the molds I do because I started driving putters more, then I needed a longer mid...and so on. If my putter (now Anode) goes out as far as slower mids, then I need a longer mid...then I need fairways that can easily get past that...then distance drivers, maybe on some courses here? They're usually pretty short unfortunately.
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