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aviar for the short.

probably buzzz for the other 2.
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Wizard for all tees.

Then I'd throw a fun one. Mando to the right of the big tree, road OB. Big hyzer with a Pred.
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Wizard or buzzz depending on wind and day.
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Do y'all actually throw putters on a 270+ tight line like this, or just say it cause its the cool thing to do? Just because I can put my magic out that far,I don't think I'd even consider it for this line, unless possibly a roller.more likely a buzzz, or a hyzer spike with a teebird/firebird crash those trees.
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Star SL...high anny and with the dead drop next to the basket.
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XL, left to right through the gap.
Aviar for bird.
That's cool.
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Med Ion, axis, pro leopard. all rhbh
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C-MD2 up the gut, if its windy I will throw a s-pd on a hyzer route.
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im pretty sure the hole is mandatory to the left of the small pine tree on the right of the basket. played and easy leopard flick the last time i was there real simple hole but if you dont hit the gap it can be tricky to birdie or even par out.
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