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^good idea actually

we had a halex (or whatever) disc as a trophy
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Didn't Archy run off with that thing?
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FeeBay that shiz

buy it now set to 11K
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Man that thing could be used for many things.....paper weight, toilet roll holder, tv remote holder (would have to bend his arms a little), etc.. I would go with the weekly trophy amongst friends....can't go wrong with that amigo..
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I was staring at it for awhile, trying desperately to figure out wtf it was, then it hit me. Like a putter.
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It looks like 2 spoons for cooking heroin...

How much do you want for it? I'll trade you that Pro Wraith for it!
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I was actually going to trade you up a proto black magic when I was in NC last but we didn't get a round .
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It looks like he is letting one rip, and I don't mean a disc...
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It took me a couple of posts to figure out that it's a sculpture. Based on the remote, at first glance, I thought it was some crazy remote controller holder.
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I like the traveling trophy idea!
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