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150 class question

I'm a noodle arm and know it. I started throwing about 4 years ago and did all of the buy nuke first crap and then I found this site and it set ,me straight. I'm soon to turn 50 and have gradually been dropping my driver weights, i'm down to about 160g and getting ready to drop them to lower to mid 150s. My question is for thews who throw 150 class or who have the knowledge. I was curious what weights you throw for mids and putters. Only makes sense that you would not be using them in max weight.
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My wife throws all lighter drivers and fairway drivers, she still finds that heavier mids and putters work well for her. She throws 170-max mids (buzzz and flying squirrel) and 170+ wizards. You're not trying to get max distance out of slower discs, you want control and predictability. They're also easier to get up to speed since they have a slower cruising speed so you don't need the lighter weight to help you accomplish that.
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I have a variety of weights I carry with mids and putters. I seem to use 170 as my top weight for mids and putters both. You can get more glide on a putter that weighs < 160, but it seems to be bothered a bit more by wind. I carry Comets around 170-73, I feel I throw them similar enough to my 150 drivers to see good results. It just takes a bit of practice to get used to lower weight mids and putters.
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My drivers range from 149g to 163g. I use OLFs and Terns. (I don't carry any fairways.)

All of my mids and putters are as close to 175g as possible. I prefer my mids and putters heavy. I generally don't throw them as hard as my drivers and seem to have better control with the heavier weights.
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I keep my driving Midranges (Tursas and Warship) around 168g. The lighter weight helps a bit with the glide and distance.

Approach Midranges (Suspects) around 170g. The lighter weight helps a bit with my serviceable FH.

And putters at 170g for calm days and 175g for windy days.
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I throw everything around 165g these days. My wife and son throw 150 class and all of their discs are in the same class. I've just not found any compelling reason to throw heavier discs any more. I bagged a 200g Jaguar years ago and many discs over 180g, so I've experience throwing heavy discs--I just don't find any compelling reason to do so. So when I decided to throw lighter discs in my old age, I went with lighter discs throughout my bag and it's never been a problem.
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I look at it like this... the farther I'm going to try to throw it the lighter I want it. And the more I want it to turn more lighter. So I'll get two or three go to drivers a little more or less stable from 155 to 165. A mad overstable utility disc at any speed has gotta be max weight. Putters for throwing usually 170ish but heavier for overstable. Putter for putting is totally up to you.
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You could argue either way on heavy vs light discs across all the speed categories. Personally, I think light fairways and distance drivers and heavier (not necessarily max weight) mids and putters are the way to go. The one thing that isn't debatable is the lower you go the less you can choose from. If you stay above 160 you'll have many more disc molds and variations of plastic readily available from retailers. There are a few threads in the bag suggestion & feedback threads that might help you find the answers you are looking for.
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My drivers (Champ Leo, Champ Teebird) are all 150g.

Mids (x Comet) are in the mid-160's and max weight, respectively...

Putters are max weight. They just get waay too squirrelly when at lower weights, especially in any sort of wind.

I've been throwing the same basic bag setup since 2012-ish, so I'm really comfortable with those discs at those weights now.
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A broken 61yo and 150 class thrower.

I have in my bag right now several discs that weigh less than 160g.

Flick, Avenger, Teebird, and Leopard all have a home in my bag. I'm currently experimenting with a 153g Jade and a 150g Banshee. Love them both so far.

But you're looking for mids and putters. Try a TRUTH. I just got one 2 weeks back, 156g. My go to mid is a Buzzz, but they're darn near impossible to find in lighter weights. The Truth feels very Buzzz-like. And flies like a dream. At first I was babying it expecting it to just float to the target because of it's lightness. Wrong; it hyzered out and fell short. Once I started throwing the Truth like I meant it it became money. I highly recommend it.

However if you are in the Roc camp, the Roc comes in weights well below 150g. Not being a fan I've never tried a light one. I have tried a 150g Shark and 139g Skeeter. Both seemed too flippy and floaty, basically not at all forgiving for even slight technique flaws of which I have many. The TRUTH is more reliable and easily can take some snap and hold the line you put it on.

Putters - The only lightweight putter I've thrown is a 150g Aviar. Felt like putting with one of those promotional frisbees. And in any kind of wind it just didn't inspire confidence. So I stay with putters around 174-5g.

There is also a Pearl, Ruby, and Diamond in light weights. My wife's longest driver is the Diamond.

Hope this helps.
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