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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
I took my Ions out of the bag when I got my tester Anode's and haven't put them back in since. Granted I've only played a few rounds since then because I've been super busy with life this past month, but I haven't missed my Ions.

It's been a little frustrating at times, especially those first 2 rounds, missing putts I knew I should of made because I was still getting used to the new feel and flight. Missed high SO MUCH the first 3 rounds because of how slow they drop from the air. But I'm starting to get the hang of it and it's paying off. The Anode fits my putting style better. Like you I've also been deadly accurate with it FH. Sank a 120' FH upshot a few weeks ago, and hit metal on a 260' hole throwing it FH just for the hell of it. I've actually hit metal off the tee with them nearly once a round at this point...they're sick. Granted I've been playing solo mostly and throwing 2 or 3 drives per hole :P

I've been playing with nothing but S Anode's my past 3 or 4 rounds and it's been a blast. It's my new favorite disc. I think it's the best putter I have ever tried, whether we're talking putts or drives.

I'll toss a 175 S Ion back in my bag sometime before I go back to a full setup so I can compare them back to back on drives to see when I'd want to use an Ion over an Anode....but I am totally enamored with their glide. Going from driving an Evo Wizard to Ions I thought they had awesome glide...now it's the same thing all over again comparing my Ions to the Anode.
I was about to come and make a similar post...I'm actually about to head to CDGS to pick up about 10 softs and trade in a slew of old Ions. I'm simply flipping out over these things sort of like I did when I first threw the 2nd run soft Ions. I'm using 175s and still throwing more high putts than low putts as they glide so much more than either the 172 reg Anodes or any of my other Ions (except for FRs). Mostly though I'm just nailing my putts. Even my playing partners commented on it yesterday. I've not putted so well since before my daughter was born 2 years ago and I actually had a practice routine.

On drives the soft Anodes can be as overstable as I ever need in a putter with a little hyzer (moves more laterally than Ion can), yet can fly flat with minimal fade and hold a long sweeping anny. The kind of versatility I'm finding with my s Anodes is a holy grail type event for a disc minimalist. As much as I love my Ions, I think I'm going to play for a while without them to really groove with my s Anodes...I'm not even carrying any regs right now. I think the soft Anode is honestly the best thing to come out of the MVP factory to date.
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Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
I think the soft Anode is honestly the best thing to come out of the MVP factory to date.
Agreed. I'm really surprised at how they managed to one up their own putter, the Ion.
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these comments make me really happy that i never went out and bought a slew of Ions. this also means if i do switch to the anode that there will be less overlap between it and my pigs. SCORE
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So I just ordered 2 soft Anodes... Can't wait for them to come in.

I've been practicing my putting with my Aviar, Polecat and 2 medium Anodes for a couple weeks now (indoors from 18-25 feet without a high ceiling). The Anodes are super glidey, require almost NO effort and have very little / late fade. I absolutely love them.

If I'm correct, what I'm hearing is that the softs are more LSS than the mediums (damn that sucks!) but I still have to get them anyways. I'm a newbie but in practicing with these medium Anodes with my basket at home, I was sinking putts one after another from 20'+ which I could NEVER do, EVER before.

MVP really has a great product here and I hope the softs will putt for me like the mediums do, but stick a little better. It really stinks that it just snowed about 10" here, because I was pumped to play on Sunday we were on pace for the record LEAST snowiest February until this storm creeped in on leap day. Can't wait for warmer weather.

I'm thinking about knocking some walls down in my house so I can have a nice 35 foot unobstructed view of the practice basket
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Damn you mvp!! just ordered two softs one 170 and one at 175. I cannot wait to see these things fly. I love the soft ions and man this anode in soft, excuse me while i take a cold shower.
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And there we go. $100 in discs in less than 24 hours thanks to MVP and Lat. I was doing so well not spending, to.
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Where is the best place to order an unstamped soft Anode?
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Originally Posted by GulfCoastGolfer View Post
Where is the best place to order an unstamped soft Anode?
Maansmit has some to sell. Just PM him...
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I got couple of soft Anodes at Sunking and DiscGolfCenter (from 168 to 172) and looking forward trying them out! I bet I ll use it for main putting, see see...
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When will we get eclipse anodes? I am still holding out for the glow in the dark.
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