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Always windy there. I throw a Pd right side then Roc putter
By the way there is/was at least 2 of my KC pro rocs in the woods left of the pin
Lost em both one right after the other back in november =(
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TD or Pred if there really is a strong headwind.
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From the blues it is usually a buzzz to the top of the hill then a buzzz or firebird down to the hole. I always throw a 2nd shot from the tee with a destroyer to try to make the hole for a 2, but have yet to get it all the way down there. Such a beautiful hole.
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From gold most likely Opto Flow, GL Flow, Ion to finish...maybe Banshee/Banshee depending upon elevation in person.
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Might try a Teebird multiple throws to get there, or the same with a Pred and a little flex if it is really windy.
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sp rogue x2, x predator, putt'r
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Surge from any of them.
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Valk or PD prolly, perhaps on some kind of roller likely to go OB right.
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played this course once, all from golds. scored a 4 on this hole.

here's a vid of me. champ orc, rhbh gl xxx, z buzzz, firm sss wizard


these links may not work. got them from my mobile and yt is blocked at work. if they don't work can ya give me a hand?

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Good vid, Gives a good perspective of the hole. I think your second shot is OB though
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