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Originally Posted by VeeAreSix View Post
Sorry in advance if these pictures are huge, only have my cell phone for a camera. Just wanted an idea on a few discs I have.

1999 Cyclone new unthrown, still chalky as can be
9x KC Pro Gazelle unthrown $27-30
Avery and Valerie Jenkins world champ destroyer signed by both, obviously unthrown. Stock prices or maybe $3-5 more to the right person. Autographs aren't all that valuable
First run Z reaper In that condition, maybe $8-9. These are fairly common and available new/unthrown
2002 dglo xl super color
See above in red

Edit: I'm not 100% on the Destroyer, though, I don't think I'm far off either.
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I feel the destroyer is worth more than stock prices. I'm not certain how many of those were stamped because its a avery and valerie world champion stamp. But I appreciate the response never the less.
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I'd say $25 on the Jenkins Destroyer.
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I have this gateway proto

heres the back

I got it like a month ago from the gateway store i think its the Mystic. it's a 9/10. Is it worth anything?? I thought i saw one sell in the marketplace but i didn't see the price it went for
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How about a 168 JLS 2003 Tourney stamp 7/10
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What are Pre Barry Leo's going for these days? ...Brand new 175 factory dye.
Sorry no pics. Sending from my phone (computer no workie)
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Year of Release Circle Stamp Gazelle

DX Circle Stamp Gazelle, Copyright Year marked 1994 (year of release), Ontario Mold.

No ink, at least 7/10 on sleepy scale. Unsure about the weight.

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Here's one for you teebird lovers out there. I have no idea about these (sorry for the noobness). TIA

2005 CAL champ glo new

11x CAL used (7/10?)
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Originally Posted by beardin View Post
Proto Vibram VP Putter, very limited run, 174g, marked #16 on back. raised "Vibram Open July 25-27, 2008" stamp on flight plate. Deep purple in color.
Originally Posted by elnino View Post
i think people like these. i would guess they sold for 30 and you def could try for 40ish...start at 50 and see if anyone bites.

pictures help...i think the are "black"
The 2008 with the raised lettering is ~$50 new.
The deep purple ones may be worth more. I've only seen black.

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Originally Posted by Clempson13 View Post
DX Circle Stamp Gazelle, Copyright Year marked 1994 (year of release), Ontario Mold.

No ink, at least 7/10 on sleepy scale. Unsure about the weight.

The Dbl rings have come down quite a bit. I have one similar and was not able to get any bites at 13$.

Hope that helps

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