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Originally Posted by reggaB View Post
Check out Brad's work here...

Not only is he an awesome pilot, but he has a disc retrieving dog that is off the hook!!
that dog is amazing. stacks discs. then picks them up.
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True, my dog is a great DG partner, water disc and range retriever (I think 7 at once is her record, drivers of course).

The website is at least a year out of date. Were working on getting that updated now but I spend more time flying and maintaining the copter and less on social media/website updates.

Heres a recent shoot for McLaren Automotive.
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His throwing style looks like it would hurt the shoulder he rips the hell out of it.
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They make a hell of a lot of noise, you couldnt use them in tournaments.
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I had thought about a quad-copter cam for disc golf also, a long time ago. This video is great, but the best possible use for this was lacking: a chase cam. Although it would take more skill in the aviation department, nothing would beat a chase view from 10ft-30ft behind the disc the entire throw.
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Originally Posted by Brad Meier View Post
Hey Guys,

Glad to see most of you enjoyed this video. I made it back in the summer of 2011 when we first started filming with copters. I haven't done much DG related since then but with easy access to Flyboy maybe its time to make an update to this video. We did a few shots for Ritger to be used in an upcoming promo for Perkerson DG. I quickly cut a few of those shots together and thats whats out there right now.

Ive noticed a few questions regarding cameras, quality, live feed, and live broadcast, etc:

- I shot the Flyboy vid solo with our first copter without a live video feed. The pan was fixed which required me to maneuver the copter while operating the tilt of the camera and somewhat guessing on the framing of the shot. Our current copter is a 2 operator setup with the pilot moving the cameras position in space and the camera operator who controls tilt, roll, and unlimited pan.

- The copters routinely carry Red Epics so for quality, so thats the end of that discussion.. ha! We usually fly a Canon 5DmkIII but depending on the requirements Sony FS700, Reds, and hopefully a F5 or 55 when I can get my hands on one. The Flyboy vid was on a 7D.

Theres a good amount skill required to operate these on the camera side of things. If your shooting on a tripod you can quickly adjust settings, focus, and focal length by hand. With the copter, generally, all your settings are made ahead of time. Coordination between pilot and camera op is paramount to getting the shot.

- Live broadcast is definitely possible and with deep enough pockets full HD downlink is also no issue. The question becomes what type of shots would you use it for? Take golf for example: Live broadcast golf is basically a show for documenting a tournament. The focus more on getting the shot and less on making it look pretty. They do use beauty type shots in the broadcast but usually in the form of hole flyovers and lead in and out of commercial breaks. All those are pre-recorded and edited in. How many times do you see the live, wide angle, blimp shots during play? Some but not often. And is it really all that interesting? Where the copter excels is with shots that you can't get with a blimp, full size heli, or jib. For example, I can fly a shot under and between trees then out over the fairway to reveal the green. You can't get that any other way. In the Flyboy video most of the shots are at close range (sometimes 2 ft) and require planning and trust in your equipment, subjects, and skill. Ive known Kelly for over 15 years. Would it be possible to get those shots during a tournament? Of course, but that would not only be distracting to players competing but irresponsible and dangerous. If all your looking for is a hovering type higher shot then yes, that could easily be done… but thats not efficient use of the copter.

Hey Brad,

Thanks for chiming in with the firsthand knowledge, some of what you're saying is what I suspected/expected, but definitely some eye opening too.

What size copter is carrying an Epic? That's pretty...well...epic.

If you've got a few pics snapped of the setup I'd love to see it. I'm really interested in all this.
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Man! I remember seeing some of the earlier copter tests from Flyboy and can really see improvements. I am not an expert on this but as a new viewer watching one of the PDGA televised events coming up; A course preview using this technology would be amazing. With the course designer or pro commentating while they play the footage, this could help buffer out some of the wait times in between shots.

Especially to someone who wants to see the in and outs before The Lead Card makes their way to the next hole.
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
They make a hell of a lot of noise, you couldnt use them in tournaments.
Ever played a tourney near a freeway? Ever been to a PGA Tour event? A freeway and the blimp has to be louder than this copter even from the distance the blimp flies at. Seriously, it is loud, especially when it takes off.
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There's a difference between "white noise" and distracting noises....and volume is not the variable that matters.
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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
There's a difference between "white noise" and distracting noises....and volume is not the variable that matters.
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