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Probably cheat and just the a Drone for both (FH pro, BH am)...later rounds I'd actually go for them with a putter like I should.
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Pretty sure i can reach the Am pin with a wizard, but i'd probably go with a z-wasp hyzer for more reliability.

Pro pin i would go with a buzzz anhyzer. This is assuming it is as downhill as it looks.

Definitely the type of hole you would want to throw a few times before facing it in a tourney.
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challenger to the am, comet to the pro. i love elevated tees.
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star valk for both. but for the the pro basket I would put a little more anyhzer on it obviously
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Am: Fairly flat Buzzz, or Teebird on a hyzer

Pro: Aim a Wraith at the Am basket and let it fade into the woods. If I'm real scared about fading into the woods on the right, might go with a valkyrie instead.
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Comet for both on a nice slow anny, then putt out with the magic
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I think I threw a Z Buzzz last time I played this. I think I'll do that again
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drone or wizard for the short depending on how im feeling
Buzzz or banshee from the long based on wind

Putting with wizards
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It looks like a FH Nuke
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