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Originally Posted by ddavis18 View Post
I love when people hate on the name of disc. I never really cared that my golf ball said pro v1 on it. I just liked the way it checked on the greens inside of 50 yards and I didn't lose much off the tee if any. This whole conection with a cool name or cool color even sparkles and swirls what the heck! I just want what will fly right for the shot needed.
Weren't you just complaining about the Glow Gators stamp in that thread?
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again sorry. I'll go back to just reading all this crazy stuff. It sure is more fun than having to explain stuff to all the cool guys out there! Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Mizzoutiger26 View Post
Weren't you just complaining about the Glow Gators stamp in that thread?
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I drew this Cosmonaut Pig. I'll totally let Innova use it for the hotstamp.

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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
UPDATE: I have talked to Innova and have been told that right now they are going to see how the Glow Champ Gator runs turn out and assess the possibilities of taking more requests for discs (ie see if they make any money and if they do they'll probably let us DGCR folk make more requests). He also said that he will look in to their ability to run Pigs in Champ plastic and get back to me. As of now I will compile a list of who requested Champ Pigs / Champ Glow Pigs and keep that list ready for when they get back to me. That is all, resume requests for the best OS putter in champ plastic.
Count me in, I want some piggies!
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Send a message via AIM to New013
So as of now here's the list I've compiled, if you see your name and don't want to be on the list let me know, if you see your name and think you'll want more than i put down let me know.

Totals are in the range of 49-66.. so we need more requests people. You know you want premium pigs.

New013 - 5 (at least)
Booter - 1
Michaelmove - 1 or a bunch
Digital - 2
Nowski - 2
thugjitsu - 5-10
Huk Finn - 2
Dfwdscglfr - 2
georgesummers - 2
VeeAreSix - 5
jkdisc - 1
Osmo - 1-4
jlh900 - 2-3
jasonc -2-3
Atrainwrecker - 2
tomsdiscs - 2
prototype - 1
ddavis18 - 1
pdiddy71 - 1-2
chain-addicted - 1
jpacetime - 4-10
deafgolfer - 1

i'll update the list as more requests come in, and see if i can get a mod to move this list to the first post.
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3 piglets here
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I'd take at least 2.
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I'll take 3
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id be down for a few to have even thougg i dont throw them
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