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This is some of your best marbling, IMO. It reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it...
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Couple of commissioned jobs last night. Maybe one of these nights I'll get to put a dye in my bag

And my first commissioned job from somebody I don't know on my facebook page
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A commissioned Milwaukee Brewers logo for a friend.
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Here are the dyes I've managed to finish in the past week or two.

Soft Neutron Ion:

Neutron Vector:

Neutron Volt:

Glow Champ Roadrunner:

They were done with a mix of iDye and Rit colours, and only the hair on Iggy Koopa there was done with shaving cream, otherwise the colours are all dipped.

And since I brought it up, I'll ask the experts here: would it be worth it to try to match my lines and try to paint/pipe shaving cream dye onto the hair to darken the colours? I have only gone back to a shaving cream marble and tried to add on top of it once. It didn't end too well, but I was doing red over top of different colours so I don't know what to expect layering the same colours.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate all the advice/experiences/anecdotes I've read in this forum in the year or so that I've been lurking.
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Creds for Bone. And nice jobs overall!
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Yes you can paint over your original color to make it darker. Or to add depth.
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looking good guys.. one of these days ill take the time to learn how to do this

@Dan .. yeah those are just plain ole nasty.. blows my mind what you are able to do
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Posted elsewhere but thought I would throw it up here too...
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Originally Posted by pacanova View Post
This one cracked me up, superclean too Paca!

And MrBeelzy, great first post, welcome to DGCR!
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