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Default Putting Games

I know I've seen some discussion of putting games, but my attempt to search didn't turn up a thread dedicated to it. If there is one already, please post a link to it, and then people searching for "putting games" can find their way from here to there. Meanwhile, here's what I found searching the web. They were mixed in with ball golf putting games. I've played the one called "twenty one," although we used slightly different scoring (3 for in, 2 for chains, and 1 for metal basket or above), and allowed called shots. It makes a really nice party game.

Putting HORSE
Play -- putting HORSE is played like basketball HORSE. It is played around the basket or target.
The last person to win, selects the spot to throw from.
When you get beat at a hole, you get a letter in HORSE, or whatever word you want to select.
If more than one person gets the best score, those with anything more get a letter.
You try to be the last one to not spell HORSE.
When playing with players of unequal skills, (such as a child), you can give them a free stroke or two, depending upon the hole. Or give them an easier tee, or both.
The loser (not winner) chooses the next shot spot.
Call your shot : You can proclaim the putt must be opposite hand, or sidearm, upside down, or whatever.
It's not fair to to discriminate by calling right hand and expect a left hander to throw right.
Betting. Yes, there are a number of ways to bet on your HORSE.
Everyone who loses a letter, gives a dollar to the winning player(s) of that hole. Until you spell HORSE.


Disc Golf 21 is a putting practice game vaguely similar to "HORSE". It's also like some dart games. The game is normally played with 2 to 6 players, though I have played it with as many as 10!
Play -- Each player putts with 3 putters from the same point or line.
The player with the most points chooses the lie regardless of the winner of the last round.
A successful putt scores 2 points.
A putt hitting metal, basket or higher, without staying in the basket scores 1 point.
If you are the only one to hit metal your first "metal" is doubled making it worth 2 points and if you are the only one to score a legal putt you first legal putt with be scored double making it worth 4 points.
IE if you score 2 metals and one putt and you are the only one to score metal but another player scored a putt you will get 2 points for your putt, plus 2 points for your first metal [being the only one] and 1 more point for the other metal for a total of 5 points.
When one or more player has a score of 21 or more the game ends.
If more than one players score over 21 the highest score wins, ties may be played off. Regular players may have a favorite place for the first round and then next places are picked by the winner of the last round [I scored 3 & you scored 2; then I pick the next spot]. Mandos and other fun variations are encouraged but choosing mandos that always gives you the advantage Is considered poor sportsmanship. If no one scores any points in a round the player picking the spot forfeits that their turn to another in the next round. If every disc but every player hit metal or better that round is voided, no scores are counted and the choose of lie is forfeited to another player.


Sweet 16


Each player uses two putters.
High scorer from the previous round picks the spot to putt from.


Play is to 16, and you have to win by 2 points.
+3 points for basket
+2 points for chains
+1 point for metal
-1 point for the pole below the basket
-2 points for the ground in front of the basket (never up, never in)

If nobody scores anything from a particular spot, then the person who picked it loses 3 points and the right to pick goes to the previous picker.
Challenges -- If someone misses a putt then anyone else may challenge them to make their comeback putt.
If the player misses the Challenge they lose one point,
If they make the Challenge then the challenger loses one point.
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We played Horse at club meetings but we used the word "disc" instead of horse because so many people were involved. I always liked the game because I won more times than not.
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Perfect putt is good for a game and actually decent for solo practice and improvement. here'd the pdf: http://wilkesdiscgolf.org/Perfect_Putt_360.pdf
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Originally Posted by Jay Dub View Post
We played Horse at club meetings but we used the word "disc" instead of horse because so many people were involved.
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I found a couple other threads about putting practice games. This is all good stuff!


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I've also played a putting/short game practice game with friends where we just played a pretend par 2, 18 hole course all centered around 1 basket with trees and other obstacles. basically all the tees were within 150' or so. We used a system where you got 1 mulligan per hole for every stroke you are over par so you could get lots of shots in for practice. It sounds pretty easy but when you add wind and obstacles with mandos, it gets more difficult. Lots of fun!
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Bamm had some cards made up for "Pressure Putting Practice". Haven't found the thread yet...
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