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Blue: Teebird, Anode or Ion, Anode to finish.
Red: Big River anny, Anode to finish.
Green: Vector? ace run...Anode to finish.
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Wizard from the short, blizzard boss from either of the longs.
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valk or trek for all three. it depends after that
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Blue: Throw a wasp to the green tee and then another wasp to the basket hopefully for a 3

Red: Champ valk on a hyzer flip hopefully close enough for a putt at a 2 but more than likely a 3

Green: Champ glow teebird tap in for a 2
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I think I would juust go for it off the blue tee for the basket and see what happens. TL or a Viking for that job. Probably wishful thinking that I could throw that far.
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Blue, I'm going to bomb the living daylights out of a wahoo and hope that I can either clear or fade to the left. Then Buzzz Aviar for the bird.

Red, I know I can clear with the wahoo. Then putt for an eagle... Ok, maybe wishful thinking on my accuracy at that D, but Imma be positive here.

Green Buzzz Aviar.
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For both the last two posts, bombing off the blue is highly unadvised, as you probably have noticed in other posts already and even hinted at with the "what the hell" attitudes, but there is a narrow strip of dry land between those two pseudo-ponds. With some decent but not harsh fade (rhbh) you can hit it which would put in a position to hopefully run the basket. The dry land surrounding the basket is wide but narrow and difficult to hit if you are coming right at it (which is likely from most shots we have already mentioned). But bombing it from the blue and hitting that narrow strip of land between the waters would put you in a spot to run the basket from the side, giving you that wide length to play with. Again, not advisible, but possible.
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Blue: Banshee or FB and Ion or Anode to finish.
Red: GL River on a HF and Anode or Ion to finish.
Green: Roc or Buzz for the Ace run and Anode to finish.
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