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Throwing a low eagle hoping for a straight skip around the trees and a look at 2. Keeping it low so the deflection isn't as bad if I do catch a tree. Should be a relatively easy deuce though. Sweet course for being on church property.
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I would probably throw either a KC Pro Roc or a soft FB and try to skip it in there....Aviar to finish.
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High, slight anny with a River, trying not to finish too far left. Or, a LHFH Teebird on a little hyzer.
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Vector here.
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i usually go with a stable buzzz or kc pro teebird here depending on the wind. great hole with the old treehouse in the fairway
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Very cool hole. Depending on how comfortable I am with going high I may throw a roc, or an eagle L.
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Originally Posted by Connor Jones View Post
Very cool hole. Depending on how comfortable I am with going high I may throw a roc, or an eagle L.
you cant really tell but the teebox is elevated about 10 feet and its not too hard to hit the high line
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star TL.... Magnet for the 2.
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rhbh Vector with a hard snap and late fade
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BNM's HoD Creative Writing

Checks out view from tee and thinks to self, ”That many trees, better stick with Champ or Star plastic, but which mold?” hmmm
"Something with little lateral motion, that you know you can throw pretty far and straight."
...bends down, reaches into bag and pulls out Champ Beast.

Releases disc smooth and flat down the center of the fairway, turns over ever so slightly headed for the gap up the right side, looking all the world like it's gonna fade back beautifully to the left to set up a nice putt for birdie. Admiring the elegant motion of a well thrown disc in flight, next person on the card utters "Nice shot ."
Outta nowhere, Beast loses velocity and begins to fade earlier than anticipated - glances off left side of support for that platform smack in the middle of the fairway, shooting off the fairway, ending up on some crazy, crappy lie behind some bushy tree with no real look at the basket.
• Disgusted, he chucks disc out of trouble maybe 10 ft further up the fairway setting up for 3rd shot.
• Throws a Challenger on slight hyzer hoping to get up onto the green.
• Misses 50' put (that he never really expected make. )
• Hits putt from inside 10' and scratches a '5' under hole 3 on the card.

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