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QOLF - QJLS - Sirius Sentinel - SS Omega - Probably either tee unless I unexpectedly crush the QOLF.
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If the Grass is cut and the map is right (not the pics) I am going with a FH Avenger SS Roller from the blue tee. I hope to get out around 375' if not more. Then throw a Buzzz and hope for a putt at the three.

I would do the same thing from the Gold Tee but use a Wizard for the second shot and putt for a three.
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The map is correct, the pics are not.

It is a true 720' + uphill. Plays more like 750. The longest arms are still using a driver on the approach, and a 3 is a great birdie.

The tee shot and approach are wiiide open but there is OB on the entire LEFT side. The OB wall is about 35 or 40 feet from the basket so that loooong approach/2nd shot better not hyzer out too much.

I'm going X Nuke off the tee, and probably X nuke again to get within 80-100ft for a jump putt and a drop in 4. It's a bear of a hole.
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GL bolt, champ teebird, banger GT Pro
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ESP Surge x 2 .. up w/ ESP Banger-GT.. hope to have an easy putt w/ the Focus for 4
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Two uphill shots in a row; Blizzard Boss followed by a Wraith or PD. I'd hope to put an Aviar in for a 3, but I'd be fine with a 4. Going OB would be a total failure on this hole.
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I'm going to throw the Firebird or Teebird off the tee. Probably go with the River for the second shot and hopefully get in range for a run at the approach shot with an Anode or Aviar. Same from both tees but maybe another putter throw added in to the mix. Should get a 4 and a possible 3 if all goes well.
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Nuke from both tees
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Throw a couple Katanas as straight as I can, and clean up from there with a Buzzz or Anode.
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Rolling my Star Valkyrie as hard as I possibly can. Probably a Stalker or long Roc approach left still! Qmega putter to finish. Love these long holes. Multiple shots on the same hole with lots of options.
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