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FH Z Comet on a hyzerflip that keeps turning. Is there OB at the bottom of the hill?

Wizard for the finish
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Depending on the wind I may go either Champ Roc on a nice little hyzer or throw the Banshee nice and soft and let it do the work for me...Aviar to finish. It also looks a little downhill so maybe just the Ion on a nice sweeping hyzer.

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Giant buzz anhyzer. Still wishing for a forehand...
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I played this course a few weeks ago and this hole was one of two birdies that round. Awesome and challenging course this is. I threw my Pro Wraith on a low Hyzer and parked it.
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I throw a Pred hyzer here. Fun hole to end your grueling round.
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11x teebird rhbh on a nice hyzer spike
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Champ Archon on a hyzer line, if I'm feeling energetice, I might get it up in the air wtih a bit of spike so it can fade farther left... that way it'll be harder to find when it lands short.
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beat firebird, trying to play the skip.
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z buzz
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banshee or firebird (nice and flat let it fade like normal and probably get a skip)off the tee then i should be in wizard range
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