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Originally Posted by ManU View Post
not sure if it is camera angles but it looks downhill or slightly elevated tee in that video

so maybe an Ion

or flip a Fuse
yeah i didnt really consider that.. if so then ill just play it safe with a Comet instead of my dx bird.. even more so considering what might be back behind the basket if i do go long
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Originally Posted by gripenemys2k View Post
Buzzz on a 'rope.
me 2
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DX Cobra right at it
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It's a slight downhill the first 150' or so then it levels out.
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Originally Posted by mudslinger View Post
Known to all locals as "Scanny's Skip", named after the course's caretaker.
Scanny skip for sure, we should get the thread title edited.

Not a hard hole at all, this hole and the next prepare you for uphill deadly combat with the following two. Putter of any sort up the gut.

The dirt in front of the green gets really packed down into the season, so plan to land it 50' short and skid the rest.
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I love Kaposia. I get this hole almost every time with a fresh Buzzz thrown nice and flat right at it.

Don't forget to pick up your discs after making your putts, guys. Left one of my favorite Buzzzes behind on this very hole after putting out. Realized it was gone when I got back around to 1, but it was too late. It wasn't where I left it and no one turned it in.
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x buzzz down the gut.
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Beat Champ Rhyno slide it right up there
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