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Default Stalker more stable than teebird?

Everything I read is that teebirds are more hss but I just purchased a 170 Z Stalker from PIA and it's way more hss. Even with anhyzer release it's fighting to stay straight then flexing out at the end.

Anyone else experienced this?
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Depends, is the plate a little concave? Some Stalkers out there (especially the CryZtal ones) are pretty stable and have flat or slightly concave flight plates. Not overstable, really, but stable. Straight out even at some higher power. I'd say those can be Teebird-esque.
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I have a bunch of Z Stalkers and none are anywhere near as HSS as a Champ Teebird. Then again none of them are what I would consider flat and they range in weight between 170-174. But there are always exceptions and I don't doubt you one bit. The Stalker really is a solid disc and it worked well for my game for quite a while, and then I realized that it and my Z Buzzz did the same things and I got maybe 10 or 15 more feet with the Stalker. I still have one in my bag though just for rollers.
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I have two first runs and they are straight as an arrow. You can put it on an anny line and it comes back to straight and that's about it
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A ne stalker could easily be more stable than a worn dx teebird, or even a champ one that is severely beat. It can happen.
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I have hear the Titanium Stalkers are just as stable at Teebirds. I threw a couple of Titanium Buzzzes and they were more like longer Wasps.
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my ti stalker is exactly like a champ tee bird. It not a stalker but a good disc in its own right.
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Default definitely more stable for me

I totally agree with the stability you mention about your Stalker. I've only had one, (174, cryZtal) but it's considerably more stable than the 2 star teebirds I've been throwing for a couple years. I was gonna get another one a couple days ago until I ran into a colorshift Striker that was too pretty to pass on and I love it.

For me, and everybody's different for sure, but the Stalker is more stable. Not overstable, just like someone else mentioned earlier, but straight straight straight... then light fade with a little skip. Like clockwork from day 1. With teebirds, I could hit another 30-40 feet because of the high speed turn. Little hyzer flip they carve an excellent S line and skip when they hit, but they need room to do it. But if there's a low ceiling or not much room to work a line, that Stalker has been the go to for sure.

I actually think the Stalker is a way underrated disc, and I'm glad you mentioned it. It's so straight and easy to grip that I think it would make the perfect driver for a new player. If you put that disc in anyone's hand who's thrown an ultimate disc but never golfed, it's a great tool to learn with. Not too fast for somebody without much arm speed or snap, but fast and forgiving enough to be a lot of fun and to learn to throw a golf disc.
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I just got a Ti Stalker and it's definitely more stable than production run Z Stalkers and I would say quite TeeBird-esque. It's taken the place of my Trackers in my bag for whatever that's worth.
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yeah my search for a tee bird replacement is over. tee bird never felt right to me. this ti stalker won that spot, i just hope they all came out like that, now if i could only throw them as well as paige!!!
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