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Default Have you ever been hit by a disc?

If so, what disc was it and how did the events afterwards play out?

Today I was hit by a shanked drive from a nearby hole, it was a 200' meathook that sailed right into my chest. That s**t knocked the wind out of me. So afterwards, I took the n00b's star vulcan and threw it as hard as I could towards the woods, I did not even care to see where it landed. I might as well pierce my right nipple because it is still numb.

If this is already a thread, then I am a f****** idiot who has not been on DGCR for over half a year.
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a few times, once by a shanked drive in a tight corner of the course, i was nice about it because it just hit my leg, my buddy hit me once and I threw his driver a good 100 feet past him
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omg Lamp is back... where have you been?

we need another what's in your bag thread for 2012.
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Took one in the jaw one night when my buddy went running the chains 60' away and shanked in right into me. pitch dark round, never saw it coming.
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Never been hit or hit anybody. But my buddy almost hit people walking on the sidewalk the other day. They saw us at the tee, throwing, saw its flight... I even yelled fore pretty loud. The person it almost hit made no effort to break walking stride... It was weird.
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I've been hit in the back of the head by a soft little spike, with a driver. Man, that f'ing hurt. I teared up, and was furious, but it wasn't intentional or anything. I had to count to ten to chill out.

I have seen a friend hit directly in the temple on a 90 degree grip lock... poor guy. He must have got a concussion, but was able to shake it off. That would be a lot worse than what I got.
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yep, right in the back of the calf.....wowzer!!! most pain i've had in a while!! one of my buddys who isn't very good, backhanded a drive with a putter right square in my calf....after a few choice words and some rolling around on the ground and trying to walk/jog it off i picked up the putter and for some reason, thought i could rip it in half. That didn't work too well so i tossed it as hard as possible into the thorns and continued to "walk" it off
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Had a buddy putt and hit me in the eye behind the basket. He wasn't away but putted anyway as I walked to mark my lie. I returned the favor a few weeks later when I hit his arm with a off target mid. Gave him an instant bruise. We're even.
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Someone rocked a huge drive right at me and my buddy. My buddy did a matrix move, jumping spin in the air type dodge, and I attempted the same, getting nailed in the calf and landing on my head.
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yes. one of the people i was playing with was having a hard time with the hole and we were walking about 50 feet after mid-fairway. a destroyer came hyzering around the trees, skipped, and hit my upper back. almost my head. i took my bag off and threw it back down around the corner to them and yelled "STILL HERE!"
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