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Tried to catch a buzzz at about 250' once, in the dark, it had a light on it but I didn't realize that as it gets about eye level the rim blocks the light, cracked me right in the forehead. The beer numbed the pain.
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Someone threw my putter back to me after I had made my putt, and it hit me right in the palm of my hand. No "Fore" or anything, but my reflexes were sharp enough that I caught the disc.
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I've never been hit but back in 1997 in NC I saw a guy in my group take one right between the eyes.

A guy on the T box on hole 3 at Arnette Park drove into my group on #4 box. LHFH hyzer got him has he was coming out of his Xstep. The group yelled FOUR and he held up and was facing straight off the box and the disc NAILED him Square between the peepers and the top of his nose. Dropped face first into the dirt out cold. It was wicked.

A few seconds later we helped him up and his face was covered with dirt and blood. He was pissed but it was an accident. His eyes where swelling up and turning blue and black. The tourney stopped for about 20 mins while the guy got his bearings and the bleeding stopped. He went on and finished the round. His eyes continued to get worse the entire round and he threw like **** but he finished!

Crazy. If anybody in NC remembers this or heard about it let me know, I might know you from my NC days.

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My 5 yearold son hit me in the jaw from about five feet away. It hurt more than you think. Needless to say once I calmed down we had a long chat about making sure no one was in front of you when you throw a disc.
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Originally Posted by deBebbler View Post
Took one in the jaw one night when my buddy went running the chains 60' away and shanked in right into me. pitch dark round, never saw it coming.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
omg Lamp is back... where have you been?

we need another what's in your bag thread for 2012.
To your first question, I have no idea. But we must never forget What's In Your Bag, my friend. vonDrehle must be contacted. It's a good time, everyone has been back on the course by now, even me.

Some pretty awesome stories so far, and to those who have been hit, we have all experienced the same feeling of pain and frustration. The outburst only lasts for about 10 seconds but damn, the first thing you wanna do is just throw that f****** disc as far and as hard as you can.
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I was practicing putting on a basket before league playoff round
someone threw in a warm up drive...didn't yell fore until it was on me
champ stingray to the orbital bone

I was cut, swollen and had a headache
I lost the playoff
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whether it's a drive or a putt, depending on where you get hit, the s**t will hurt. I'm sure a putt to the chest won't leave a mark, but a putt to the eye will do the trick.
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Got hit for the first time two weeks ago in a tournament. It was at the very tail end of an uphill shot, and it skipped into my arm. It hurt for maybe two seconds, but I was pretty annoyed that no one yelled "fore." My group was clearly visible to the thrower.
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I was walking up to the first tee at my home course (HAH in Fairborn), and some complete moron (who happens to be my best friend) decided it'd be a good idea to toss his disc back from the practice basket to the tee pad, full on drive. BLAM! I get smacked right in my ankle. I was wearing low top shoes so my ankle was completely exposed, and I'm a skinny guy so it was all bone. I instantly fell to the ground (honestly thinking I got shot). I have a very high pain tolerance, I'm into extreme sports. I've wrecked everything 4 wheelers, dirtbikes, and jetskis. I've really F*** myself up before, this was the first time I remember throwing up from pain. My ankle instantly swelled up like a soft ball, and I was on crutches for 2 weeks. It happened about 2 years ago, and I still have a nice tattoo from the disc.
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