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Default HOD 4/17/12 Toronto, ON, CA

I just uploaded some photos I took a while back of the tee signs so we can get a better look and at this hole, eh.

The rough can be dense, the fairways unforgiving and often times there's not much ceiling on the course. So regardless of the basket position, I'd take a placements shot up the middle with my Cro, then go for the basket and try to take a safe 3.
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Finally a Canadian hole!

This looks like a challenging hole for me (Lefty) if the pin position is in the back position. I am probably throwing a river either way and hope to land it somewhere in the fairway...

By the way, love the Maple Leafs logo on the sign... We Canadians cant help putting something hockey related on everything
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Crazy canadian holes. Looks hard as heck!

To the short basket I'm going RHBH with a Leopard Hyzerflip.

Long basket...probably the same thing.
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I think I threw a beat roc when I played it in the short position, might throw a comet instead now. For the long it looked like a flex shot with a C PD might get me in position for a long jump putt.
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Looks like I want something to go a little right. Throwing RHBH that is a tall order because to throw that way you are either burning something into the ground from a turnover, or are forced to throw a forehand. Either way, if you do not want to burn a right turn, you need something with a slight turn and making sure that it does not fade out early because of the shrubbery and or OB line on the left. Plus, it appears to be a low ceiling to boot. I am thinking either a River or Axis just to keep it in the fairway and try to make the first bend. From there concede a 3 and just make a clean upshot for an easy putt.
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Playiing for par with a kc pro roc from either tee. Probably same roc for approach.
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A very tough hole. anyone who'd like to try to flex something around the corner RHBH is going to be playing for a 4 more times than not, but if you make it you'll never forget it. Baby a forehand around the corner or place your choice of mid to just around the opening, are your choices IMO.
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Short: Beat Meteor on a big hyzer flip that tips all the way over.
Long: Destroyer on a low hyzer flip.

Looks like a fun hole.
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ill probably throw a buzzz or teebird off the tee and then see where im at
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probably leopard from short

maybe TL from long. going for the par.
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