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Unconfirmed lie

I threw a hole that has a lake OB to the right. Also on the right is a stand of trees, hiding most of OB. I threw my drive, pulled it right, and knew there was a possibility of it going in the water, but also a possibility that it came back at the end and landed in bounds.

After 3 minutes of looking, I declared the disc lost and re-teed. My question is, could/should I have played it as an OB? Also, how do you determine your lie for OB throws when you didn't see it go OB?
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If you have a pretty good reason to believe it went OB, play it as such and use your best judgement based on it's flight to determine where it likely crossed. In this case it's really not an exact science, so best judgement whens.

If you're not sure, or don't think it got to the water, then play it as a lost disc and retee.
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Lost disc always requires rethrow from where you last threw it.

OB is a group call of the closest point all can agree on where it last crossed the OB plane.

You should call and throw a provisional shot if you think you're going to lose a disc. If found, you just pick up your provisional. No penalty. This is to speed up play to encourage a second shot off a tee rather than doing the walk of shame back up to the tee and holding up the next group.
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803.09 Out-of-Bounds

A. A disc shall be considered out-of-bounds only when it comes to rest and it is clearly and
completely surrounded by the out-of-bounds area. A disc thrown in water shall be deemed to be
at rest once it is floating or is moving only by the action of the water or the wind on the
water. See section 803.03 F. The out-of-bounds line itself is considered out-of --bounds. In order to
consider the disc as out-of bounds, there must be reasonable evidence that the disc came to rest within the out-of-bounds area. In the absence of such evidence, the disc will be considered lost and the player will proceed according to rule 803.11B.
I guess it all depends on how someone defines "reasonable evidence".
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In tournament play, the group makes the decision whether there's reasonable evidence the disc went OB versus being lost. In rec play, you make the decision unless of course you're playing with buddies where you've agreed group decision rules.
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Thanks guys. I believe I have my answer ... other than whether or not looking for 3 minutes in bounds is reasonable evidence that it went ob ... but I suppose reasonable would be the ability to convince your group that it went ob.
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