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Originally Posted by GordEzo View Post
Yeah , after my first Ace Waste was postponed due to no discs , I signed up for another one and I've just blown it off.

I drove 4 hours only to find out the discs weren't there in Kamloops.

It's ONLY 2 hours to the Burnaby Vancouver course but I don't care for the disc
( threw mine in the field after I finally got my pack ) ,so I couldn't care less about it .

I can understand why my local course wanted nothing to do with the Ace Waste , even after I lobbied for one.

Kinda makes next years decision easy.....
You sound like a ton of fun to play a round with...

I played in my 2nd one today (parque de la raza, San Jose CA) and rung up 3 metal hits but no aces sadly. There were a bunch of aces hit though, and the disc was well received.
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Originally Posted by Johnny_Crunch View Post
The ace race is nothing more than a chance to participate in an organized DG event and have some fun. If you are out looking for more than that you will likely be disappointed. Odds are the disc is not going to be as good as the ones you have been throwing for the last year and are in your bag for reason. The event is what you make of it. We had a blast at ours and will continue to participate as long as they are available.
Pretty much summed it up for me.

Got to my ace race a little late in the day so only the lighter discs were left. Got a bubblegum pink, and a milky white one.

After the race, it had me thinking Discraft hasn't made any discs for ladies as far as I know. In lighter weights they could be like Lat 64's pearl maybe. Don't have one to compare it to. Anyway, my impression was that the rim felt really small in my hand, even compared to a leopard. I got a similar flight out of it, but only 4 metal hits, even though one hole was putting length (45 ft I'd guess). Longest hole had to be 250' give or take.

Since I didn't get a chance air it out, I put one in my bag to test at another course on my way home. Seemed pretty easy to work it, and with the nice glide it was decent on a few low shots. I have larger hands and with the small rim I can't really say it would earn a spot in my bag, but I think it could work for some people.
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I've just read a couple of the Ace Race horror stories. That sucks.

But here in beautiful Western NY the Ace Race went off without a hitch. Pretty close to 100 folks turned out.

And I gotta say I think Discraft knocked this one out of the park. The new disc is awesome. The plastic is unlike the Z plastic, more like Champion or OL in my opinion. And the disc is very utilitarian. Not quite a Teebird, a little more stable than a Leopard. I used a lighter disc for dead straight and anny throws and a heavier one for head winds and hyzer shots. I wish I could say I banged a lot of chains, but sadly not even 1 metal hit. But I was quite impressed with the disc and I was within inches on almost every throw. Had they been upshots I'd have parred every hole.
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Finally got to play an Ace Race yesterday and throw the new disc(I feel like I am late to the party lol). The disc is good, but not for an Ace Race. The holes were way too short for this type of disc. I would either power it up(throw it the way it was meant to be thrown) and blow wayyy past the basket, or I would power it down and it would just turn and fade real fast. The LSS on this disc made it hard to power down, and the fact that I was throwing a fairway driver? on 100 ft. holes made me feel like I was regressing back to 3 years ago when I was a noob. It goes against everything I know to throw something that fast on that short of holes.

I took the disc out to play some holes with it from the actual tees(not Ace Race Tees) after the Ace Race and it flew real nice. I was getting it out past 300 ft. easily on a straight line with out putting too much on it at all. I am going to test it out some more next time I head out to play but I like what I see from it so far.
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decent disc for normal holes, and fairway distances crappy for an ace race.
I found it to be somewhere between a teebird and leopard, but that kinda depended on the color. or maybe i was just inconsistent when i was actually putting something on it.

As far as the ace race goes, there were 2 guys tied with 2 aces and no metal hits, on 84 throws. I had 5 metal hits. I was throwing it a little nose up like an approach shot on most holes or throwing it real easy with some anny and letting it flex out and just couldn't quite get it.
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From Discraft's email to TD's:

We are expecting to receive PDGA approval of the 2012 Ace Race prototype disc any day. As soon as we know, you'll know too... along with the name, which has now been finalized but will remain under wraps until approval is announced. The most popular suggestion we got from TDs and players was "Stinger." What was the final choice? Here's a hint: the disc will join the hive of Killer Bees, but in a more unconventional way that we think is fitting for this slow yet undeniably aggressive glider.
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Probably not Stinger then, more like Bumblebee.
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Ugh, I just got that too. So disappointed. This bee theme needs to stop. Either the Stalker/Predator path, or the Comet/Meteor path would have served this disc far better for naming purposes. You had a stable fading mid 2 years ago and named it the Hornet...has originality died this painful of a death?
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They definitely should expand on the flying space rock theme. Maybe the Asteroid?
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Could be the queen. Bad name but it would certainly inspire some interesting dyes.
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