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Originally Posted by Cgkdisc View Post
Seems like this thread would make more sense on the PDGA D-Board.
if held here it is actually a discussion rather than the sound of crickets...
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
It's more likely that someone would use a counterfeit $100 bill to buy discs. Oops that just happened.
^That was totally crap what happened at the grange. Some piss poor guy.
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post

Reading helps!
But still, what difference does it make if he uses a real name or fake name? You're still not going to cross-reference to the ID used at other events...
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I like this idea and was really surprised when I started playing sanctioned events and was not asked to see my PDGA member card or my DL.
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Originally Posted by Triflusal View Post
this is discrimination to people who can't afford I.D.
I don't about anywhere else, but Texas ( and I'm sure other places) require a valid ID after 17 years old, by law. And the cost is negligible, like $20. Just my opinion but if you can afford to enter tournaments, you can afford to get an ID.

I think this is a decent idea. Not really sure that it happens all that often, but asking someone to prove who there is not unreasonable. Again only my opinion.
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I am surprised that no one has ever asked for my PDGA id. What's to keep someone from saying they are a current member just to get out of paying the extra $10 fee at sanctioned events or playing in a division they aren't qualified for (ie someone who's 37 playing masters)?
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Having never played a tournament on any level, I would have assumed at a PDGA sponsored event there would be some sort of ID required.
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
I've thought for a long time that proper ID should be required when checking into a tournament.
But many minorities wouldn't be able to check into their tourneys.
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Originally Posted by Mr. America View Post
But many minorities wouldn't be able to check into their tourneys.
Oh Jeezus effin' Christ.
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This is one of those seems like a good idea on the outside but what would it really accomplish? You would have to accept more forms of ID besides government issued IDs or there would be a backlash. If somebody is willing to fake their name to get in to a tourney I'm guessing they'll take the time to make a fake ID. Making a fake ID is extremely easy with today's technology.

Seems like you'd just be adding on an entirely bigger dimension of hassle come tourney morning during registration and probably piss off more TDs than you do players.
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