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Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post
They do not feel or fly the same. Must be the magical Finnish pixie dust.
I think they fly very much alike although the Swan us a touch more US. I can do a side by side comparison video if you'd like. I just prefer the Eco1 plastic and that is why I love the Swan.
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My TP Northman has become pretty understable. Aced #3 at Acorn in Roseville MN with it this week. That is a high turning shot. Definitely need another one. Probably will go max weight like my stable VIP and see what happens.
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Originally Posted by dantheman0721 View Post
Has anybody encountered a freak overstable King? I picked up a silver 172 TP King a month or so back and it's my most overstable disc in my bag. I have another red 173 TP King that is my most understable disc in my bag. It's so weird to have nearly the same disc be so very different. Strangely I love my super stable King and use it for long flex shots, were my normal King is great for hyzer flips and long Anny's. Curiously, this new stable King seems to match it's actual flight numbers, when I know the understable Kings are normally nowhere near the flight numbers. I wonder if Westside had changed anything to match the numbers, or if I just got a freak King.
Early in this thread someone mentions a "merlot belly button VIP King". I have one just like that. Good dome. Max weight. But it has a belly button in the middle of the flight plate. Mine is quite stable. Like a typical champ Wraith I'd say. Been throwing it more than the Sword actually.

My TP is quite understable but I can get great tailwind drives and turnovers that start hyzer. As with the Northman I'm going to grab another king max weight in TP and see how it goes.

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Anyone have any used or new Swan 1s for sale or trade? Please pm me. Thanks!
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ohhh warship welcome back to the bag. flirting with the tangent for a bit and switched it up to the warship today. wow. why oh why did i ever drop thee. using a flat beat 168 vip and a 173 domey tp. the 168 is so money at short annies now. dead straight when powered down. the 173 just loves to go!! man that thing needs some air brakes!!
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Pretty stocked, first stumbled onto 5x 175g BLACK Swan 2's, Very pumped, and just moments ago purchased 3x 175 Yellow Swan 1's.... Oh god what have I done. If I like the Swan 1 I am in trouble... $$$ But I am too curious to pass it up. Does anyone think the Swan 1&2 have a place in a bag, and could they co exist with Soft Magnet/Protege Clutch/Hard Judges. ( I know, I really gotta skim down on the putter selection so feel free to comment.)
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I haven't been able to come across any air swords recently are they still in production? Also has anybody heard of anything about westside doing a line of recycled like Lat and DD?
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I don't think there are that many Air Swords in the US right now. I had one in my bag for a minute that I got from Barsby, but I like my heavier Tournament one more and I didn't see any reason to carry both.
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Got a couple air swords in my misprint pack from DD. Didn't do much for me
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Air Warship would be of interest to me, just to see.
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