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Looks like a perfect line for my River RHBH
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Star Sidewinder from a stand still
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gateway warrior
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buzzz ss
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Star Roadrunner
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Originally Posted by jimbosprint View Post
This one is mostly straight. Both placements are hidden by trees/bushes. I throw a Buzzz usually.

You guys claiming you would throw putters on all these HOD's are fooling yourselves (or you don't want any birdies). Not saying it can't be done, but it's not very realistic either.
I agree. I might throw a putter along with a mid/driver if no one else is behind me but if I only had one disc to choose it would not be a putter. I am not doubting anyone's ability to drive a putter but if I am going for a birdie then it is going to be my beat to hell Elite-X Buzzz or my beat DX Teebird.
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Originally Posted by RUSSELL View Post
buzzz ss
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I threw my eagle and was very happy in the left position, in the right position I throw my stingray
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This is a straight shot with a water hazard curving around the pin, I usually throw a star sl from a stand still and it puts me just under the bush on the right.
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