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PD from long. The shorts depend on exactly the angle compared to the trees on the right. If there's enough room, probably a sweeping hyzer with a destroyer over the trees. If that's not an option, either a gentle turnover with my beat dx teebird, or an anhyzer with one of my beat destroyers.
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Originally Posted by UnitedPuppySlayer View Post
Anode for both, probably come up a little short for the long.
...seriously? I'm not doubting you by any means but wouldn't it be a lot smarter and more effective to throw say a fairway driver at it and park it right next to a hole?

If you can legitimately throw an Anode 320' or so then I am scared to ask what you can do with a fairway or distance driver...

I love my Anode but it is only used on approach shots within 100' or low ceiling drives where placement is more important then distance.

Again, I am not doubting that you can throw it that far but I just feel there is way better options then that.

I would probably throw a flippy DX Teebird right at it if it is calm.

If windy either my Champ Teebird or Firebird.

Hopefully finish with the Anode or Aviar.
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The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 4 characters.
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Going with a TL on a slight hyzer.
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Firebird or teebird on a sweeping hyzer depending on wind.

Oops! I meant a giant spike hyzer with a Zephyr.
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Rhyno for every tee... every hole.
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River for both.
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