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You should just move to Austin to avoid this problem in the future.
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You couldn't pay me to live in Austin. Not enough money on the planet.

Tracking shows its left San Antonio.....there may be hope.
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70 miles from Austin, that's what 4 hours in traffic each way of you have to go down 45?
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I finally gave in and got a 166g opto.

I was going to wait for DGC to get stock but he said ti will be a week.

I shoulda pulled the trigger monday when they had the 164g pink i wanted.
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Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
Steeze, go Opto Pure. Takes care of a neutral mid slot in that smaller bag, too.
Yeah I've wanted one to try as a driving putter but am trying not to spend a bunch of cash on discs. So thanks for helping with that.
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I got in about a half hour this morning before work with the Saint and my Teebirds. I'll see if I can get my crap organized here in a bit and give a report.
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Originally Posted by Dookville View Post
I got in about a half hour this morning before work with the Saint and my Teebirds. I'll see if I can get my crap organized here in a bit and give a report.
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Originally Posted by imoser_me View Post
I've got to be honest: I am not overly impressed with the Saint. I have two Optos (165g and 173g) and one GL (169). I love to throw Strikers (300-350) on any line possible and have uncanny control with them. Also, I was playing in 90 degree heat with sweaty hands without my birdie bag, so I was trying everything to get my hands dry.

Comparing the Saint to the Striker: The Saint is definitely more stable. I had multiple throws where the Saint hit the same line as the Striker, but came up a little short and more left (RHBH). I was getting the Saint out to about 300'-325'. I wasn't overly disappointed with the disc, but thought it would be easier to throw than the Striker from what everybody was saying.

Also, the Saint has a weird rim. I can't put my finger on it (well, not figuratively), but it definitely took some getting used to. It might be because of the dome or because of the smaller diameter disc or somthing entirely different. I will eventually get used to the rim as it wasn't as weird as the Blitz, and the Blitz is my favorite overstable driver.

There were a few tosses of the Saint that I saw the extra "float" where it stayed in the air for a bit longer than it should have like the River does, so I know there is definite distance potential. I mainly saw this on my 165g Saint.

The hyzer I saw on the Saint when throwing some of my normal Stirker hyzer shots was a tad more pronounced than the Striker. For example, on hole 13 at Village Park in Sussex, WI (284ft), the basket is behind some trees with a line along the right side (basket is on a hill that acts like a backstop). Usually, I just put a nice rip into a Striker straight out and let it hyzer to the basket. I put the Saint on that line and, from experience, I know my Striker on that throw would have hyzered past the basket into the hill giving me a 20 foot downhill putt. The Saint hyzered across the basket (almost ace) and gave me a 15 foot putt on the hill with the same elevation as the basket.

I would say the Saint is a solid disc. It is definitely different from what I was expecting from all the talk and Marshall Street's flight guide. It probably won't find a place in my main bag, yet, but it may eventually find a home as I play around with it more.

Side note: I was also not impressed with the Villain when it came out. The Villain is now a staple in my main bag for huge hyzer bombs and windy days.
Thanks for sharing, its nice to hear another perspective on the disc.
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I had them out again today comparing them to the TeeBirds. Yesterday I concentrated on 300 foot laser lines, today I was going for open field 370-400 feet. I am again going to state that with my technique, power level, snap, etc etc, they are nearly identical.

Yesterday I was concentrating on lines that were no more than six feet off the ground. In that case it seemed that the Saints took more advantage of ground effect lift than TeeBirds, often resulting in about 10-15 more feet of overall distance.

Today I was skying them out on everything but laser shots. In this case the TeeBirds were garnering about 10-15 more feet.

All in all, however, the lines were so similar that I could use either one in my bag without a noticeable change to my game. Again, if there was any difference in flight is that I saw maybe a tad less LSS in the Saints than the TeeBirds. For me, their HSS and 90% of their flight were identical.

For me, if there is anything that TeeBirds have over the Saint is the feel of the plastic. My Metal Flake, Star, Pro, and Echo Star have a little tackier and softer grip. Champ seems equal to Opto in feel, at least new. Maybe once I rough up the Latitude discs a little, aiding grip, the TeeBirds will lose this advantage. Latitude colors, however, pop far more, making them easier to spot in the sky and on the ground.
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while realizing that each thrower is different are the initial reviews that the HSS is NOT -1 but actually closer to 0 like the TB?

what about a comparison into wind?
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