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Any comments on my drive?

So here's the deal... I don't even consider myself an amateur at this point. I've been playing for probably 3 years now, but only have a few rounds under my belt, just never got to play much. Recently I've been trying to play more and improve. I'm getting better at putting, but my drives still leave a lot to be desired... I had a buddy of mine record me while I was practicing during a lunch break at work (which explains the "not exactly disc golf attire" ) Anyway, I'd like to get some comments on what I can do to help improve my drives?

In looking at the video, I think the only glaring thing that I notice is I don't think I'm getting my body (and hence CG) shifted forward early enough? I think I need to move forward more before starting the arm motion? Let me know what you think!

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One thing I notice is that your reachback is out of line. The disc completely disappears from view, hidden by your body... meaning the disc has to go through a sort of arc before it gets to your chest. Ideally, you should keep the disc on your target line -- opposite of your target.
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I'm certainly no expert but I think overall you look pretty smooth. The one thing I did notice is, and I think you may have eluded to it, is that it looks like you're coming through to soon with your upper body. Try planting earlier which will engage your legs and hips more plus it will help keep the nose down. Also, it's hard to tell but it doesn't look like your wrist is extending, try and consciously keep it loose and give it the ol' snap at the end.
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Holy shirts and pants! Not sure where to start and in general agree with your self analysis. You are very flat footed in the footwork. Your backswing has your arm coming across your chest(crashing) and weight shifted too far back. You need to maintain width between your upper arm and your chest all the way from backswing through the finish. So your arm will maintain a straight line to the target. Try not to let your rear heel touch the ground so you can drive the rear knee and hip with plantar flexion. Also keep your weight centered so your head is always moving toward the target, and stay tall between your feet until the transition into the downswing. Trying to shift weight is bad, weight shift is about 1" long as your front foot lands on the ball and then rolls to the heel. Keeping your weight centered dynamically will also help you lead with the hips and weight forward.

Here's a couple vids to get you started, there's a ton more around here that will help as well and you can also check the technique sticky and start from stretch with the hammer drills and work the hit backwards. Best advice is to learn to drive your putters well and pretend to elbow someone and then backfist them.

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Thanks guys... I've taken the advice and been working on my drives quite a bit... On the bright side, I seem to have improved quite a bit... I can reach out to 350-400' now (previously I was getting about 200-250' when I was lucky... One of the main things I focused on was starting the whole thing at the hips, letting my hips "drag" my shoulder, and then firing up with the arm... On the down side, now I seem to be overpowering a lot of my discs... My Valk used to be one of my favored and more accurate drivers... Now I can't launch the thing (even trying to get a fair bit of hyser on it) without it turning over on me and becoming a roller. On the other hand my Destroyer is getting a perfect flight...

So I'm assuming that's normal? To have to try to tone it down with slower speed discs? Seems like a silly question in a way... They ARE slower speed discs after all, LOL...
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holy crap.... you gained 100+ ft in 11 days.... I need to know your secret!!
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I wish I could tell you... I'm not sure exactly what happened... It took a few days to happen, but when it did I literally gained about 100ft from one throw to the next. Like I said, I just kind of focused on starting the motion off with my hips instead of before where I was just ..... i dunno... trying to "throw" with my arm... I also focused on keeping my grip kind of light, at least when it starts... I kind of "bear down" just before I release... Not really sure how to describe it. I was throwing a couple of drivers (Destroyer, Nuke SS, Orc, Beast) over and over doing the same as I had been... Then at one point I threw the Orc and the moment it came out of my hand I knew it was "different". I watched that thing SOAR... I couldn't believe it... Grabbed the Nuke and almost crapped myself at the difference... Like I said, the only thing that I was a bit shocked at was the flight of the Valkyrie. After "whatever it was" happen, I can't throw the thing without either forcing myself to slow down, or watch it turn right over. On the bright side, I used it to my advantage this past weekend on a long left to right hole... Whipped the Valk out and landed it about 4ft from the basket... I was STOKED! Best hole I've shot yet!

What I don't know is if this is just a result of "overpowering" the disc or rather the valk is just so beat in that it's natural for it now... I wanna swap with a buddy's valk and see if the results follow the disc or stay with the throw.

One thing I do notice is my wrist... Maybe because of the looser grip? It seems to be whipping around a lot more than it used to. I still haven't figured out if it's me intentionally extended it (i.e. trying to add extra spin to the disc) or if it's just happening naturally because of the increased velocity and looser grip. I'm not TRYING to do it, but in a way it feels like I am... LOL, sorry, I know that sounds a bit convoluted, and I wish I could explain it better, but the truth is I'm still pretty unsure myself now.

On most throws I also notice the disc making an interesting sound now... it's not like a pop or a crack, it's more like a "swish"... Like waving a fly swatter real fast in front of you or something? If that makes any sense....

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Sounds to me like you are putting more spin on the disc. Keeping a loose wrist and accelerating at the pec will help to build that snap/spin.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe more spin/snap causes the disc to glide a lot further. Without spin, a disc will most likely hyzer very quickly and not go as far.

What plastic is your valk in? I have an old beat up DX Valk and it will usually turn over pretty sharp for me (LHBH) before fading very slightly at the end of it's flight.
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maybe post a new vid if you can and people can see what changes you've made. Keeping a looser grip at first and then tightening just before release can be good for proper wrist and forearm movement. Sounds like you're on the right path.
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Originally Posted by welfare_train View Post
What plastic is your valk in? I have an old beat up DX Valk and it will usually turn over pretty sharp for me (LHBH) before fading very slightly at the end of it's flight.
Yeah, it's a DX that's beat to crap (it's seen FAR too many drives directly into trees.. I suspect it's normal for it, just that it never perform "normal" in the past because I wasn't getting enough spin/velocity on the disc to get it to do "normal"...
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