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Default Discing Down to focus on shots that count.Good Idea,Bad Idea?

Update: I've decided to get rid of some discs in my bag,I've made quite a few changes and one of the discs that I took out is now going on my wall(My Champion Firebird).

The reason I'm doing this is to focus on the shots that count.I'm using less drivers now and I've brought back my arsenal of Rocs that I've used in the past.The Drivers I am using using are ones I am very familiar with and have used in my earlier years.

I've also went away from forehands for driving and the only time I use them now is only when I need to.I felt it was messing my game up.When I was forehanding the disc off the tee I could have been throwing an anhyzer instead.

I'm also going away from drivers above speed 10(with the exception of my Boss).My short game and putting game is what I feel is my better part of my game.

Ok enough with me talking.Here is my new bag.

Updated Bag


168 Innova Champion Starfire:Throws similar to a Firebird,but more distance.Great in the woods for those stable shots.Good wind disc.

161 Innova Star Roadrunner:Anyzer disc and my go to Roller.Goes Straight as an arrow if I throw it with extreme Hyzer.

139 Innova Champion Blizzard Boss: This is my big distance driver now.I can throw this thing flat and it goes straight and always finishes hard left.Great in the wind.

166 Innova JK 5x Champion Valkyrie :Very good In the woods driver.It can hold a very nice line.I can turn it over as a roller or I can hyzerflip it for those straight shots in the woods with little fade at the end.

164 Innova Star SL :Throws like a StarFire but less stable.Great for those long distance S Shots over trees.Great straight line driver as well with little fade at the end.

171 Innova Champion Leopard:My point and throw disc where accuracy is key.I can Anyhzer it and Hyzer it without losing control.

168 Innova Star TeeBird:I don't know what is about a TeeBird,but I can control one of these disc like no other.If I need just the right amount of distance with the right amount of fade,this disc gets it done.Good for my shorter forehands as well.


168 Innova Champion Panther:Big favorite.Very good Anhyzer disc and a great roller for shorter shots.Good for downhill drives also.Can be thrown straight with touch.

(169,172)2 KC Pro 10x Roc : One Flippy and one Stable.

(177,179)2 KC Pro 11x Roc : One Flippy and one Stable.

167 KC Pro 12x Roc : Slightly Stable and can be thrown very straight.

180 Innova Star San Marino Roc:This Disc is a beast.Very stable and can be thrown sidearm.Great in the wind.


175 3x Yeti Pro Aviar(Main Putter) : I've been working with this putter and so far I like it.I've hit some big putts with it due to how much grip this putter has.Almost feels like I'm cheating when putting with this disc.

2, 175 Innova 12x KC Pro Aviars:Practice Putters

170 Innova 11x KC Pro Aviar:Shorter Drives.Beat up more than my other 11x and goes much straighter with little to no fade.Great uphill Anyzer Disc.

172 Innova Star Aviar Driver:Very stable Aviar.Very good for those stable short drives that need to go left.

172 Innova Pro Line Rhyno:I use this for Turbo Putts.I've also been working with it on some drives off the tee.

What to you guys think?Do you think using less drivers and only using discs you know to be better for your bag.Or is it better to have a bag that I started with.

Thanks again for checking out my updated bag.
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I'm up for suggestions,but it has to be Innova only.I can take a couple of Rocs out to make room for something else if it's needed.
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Years Playing: 3.2
Courses Played: 10
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I think this new updated bag is where it's at.

My drivers pretty much cover all my backhand shots and if I get into trouble I can throw my Starfire Tomahawk,forehand roller, or forehand.

My midranges 1 little old Panther and 6 Rocs.I use the Panther for one of those lazy anyhyzer shots and I use 5 of my Rocs for 6 holes and some upshots.

My putters.I decided to put the Rhyno back as being strictly Turbo putting.Substituted my Aviar Driver for one of my more stable 12x KC Pro Aviars.And my flippy one works wonders for short upshots.

I had a good day yesterday.I shot -8 and then I just played a short roundof the old 9 and shot -5 under.

I'm liking this new bag.
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