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Default Dear Paul

In light of the recent Bradley Williams situation, I thought it appropriate to write a plea on behalf of the membership and fans. I know that isn't my place, so I apologize in advance, and I admit that I am being selfish in the following request, but I offer it in all sincerity. Please reconsider playing at GM and in the Pro Tour final.


If I understand your position, as a professional disc golfer, you don't want to be in the position of accidentally doing something that would result in a serious ban, where there is no communication, and the ban substantially hurts your ability to make a living. I'm pretty sure that we can all agree. However, I do not think the PDGA has taken us down such a path, nor do I think they would. The PDGA has a process, a published one, that lays out checks and balances for conducting an investigation of a complaint about a player. That process includes an appeals process. In the past year or so, BW has gone through that process, checks and balances and all, and been found to be out of compliance with the rules of conduct for the sport. In the first two cases, BW accepted the punishment without comment, including a 12 month probation. Those findings and consequences are all on record. It is only in the context of the final incident that the punishment became truly punitive, enough to catch your attention. And that punishment is only noticeable because it is the result of the accumulation of multiple infractions. The PDGA didn't hide this information, they simply followed their procedures, ones laid out to have checks and balances, and to provide protection for the players involved.

Selfish Rationale:

This year has been one of, if not the most exciting years for our sport. Due in part to your injuries, and the superlative play of Richard Wysocki, we have a situation where two very talented, well mannered, and interesting players, have come to the crux of the season fairly evenly matched. No one can argue that this isn't a boon for our sport in terms of spectator participation. I don't think it is a reach to say that fans around the world are watching the match up between you guys and savoring and gossiping about every detail. The senior goal of the sport for years has been, how do we grow this into a sport with a fan base? You and Richard have done more towards that goal than all of the efforts of the rest of us combined. Now, at the crux of the season, due to this incident, we fans stand to lose two out of the final three match ups between two of the most distinguished players of all time. Need I point out the disappointment this engenders? I feel like the proverbial giftless child, watching on as others open their presents. Yes, over dramatic, I agree. But don't misunderstand my interest as being any less for that.

As a past volunteer for the PDGA I can un-categorically say that I've participated in no organization, academic, government, nor business that takes the job of fairness more seriously than the PDGA. The checks and balances they have in the disciplinary process are better than I've encountered in any other setting. This isn't hyperbole, I work in the insurance business; regulation and checks and balances make up a big part of what I do. The PDGA specifically wanted accountability in the process, and I'm pretty sure they got it. I understand that their process didn't communicate the rational behind BWs suspension, but that is an issue that can easily be solved, and I would hope does not truly remove you from the exciting end of year events that are coming.

If you would like, blame me. I participated in the production of the process, and believed that good communication with the player being examined was sufficient. Clearly, many players and other voices think this needs to be changed, and if I know anything about the PDGA, it's that they are responsive to their membership. I have no doubt they will search for a solution that provides better communication and still protects the players involved.

I thank you for your time, whether I get it or not and again ask that you reconsider.

With Regards,

Lyle O. Ross
PDGA # 21163
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I'd rather see him sit out rest up and give us a good show at the usdgc. What on earth would we talk about on dgcr if he stopped his "non major" protest?
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oh please...spare me.
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Sure, then if he does play, the DGCR zombies will start calling him a wussy for backing out of his protest.
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I believe if Paul is so serious about his "protest" he should boycott the USDGC. It's not a protest if you cherry pick what you boycott.

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Why not? I boycotted McDonalds, except for the fries.
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Originally Posted by randomatt View Post
I believe if Paul is so serious about his "protest" he should boycott the USDGC. It's not a protest if you cherry pick what you boycott.

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That would require him to actually be protesting and not acting like a whiny child throwing a tantrum when mommy wouldn't buy him a candy bar at the grocery store. Also, the USDGC is Innova's event. No way daddy Dave's going to let him have principles.
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Don't slow us down by forcing Maturity into this convo.
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