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Originally Posted by DeadEye View Post
I just don't see why anyone would want to limit their game in any way. No, you should not be using ultra-high speed drivers on short holes like I see a lot of people doing. However, why would you limit yourself in the discs you throw? So you want to have a bag made up of mostly midranges and fairways? Cool.. You can still throw in 1 pair of understable/overstable high speed drivers to pull out when you really need the D.
Totally agree. Wide rim discs can have other uses as well. For instance you can get a much larger, more hyzered out skip from a wide rim disc if you need a big skip finish to the left (RHBH).
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I'm right there with you. I don't throw anything over a speed 10 because I have no reason to. I can throw a TL just as far as a Katana, and I have more control over it. Of course I throw some "maximum distance" drivers by Discraft, but those aren't wide rimmed. The Avenger SS is about a speed 7 by Innova's standards. I have a friend who prefers wide discs, but he only throws sidearm, where the grip isn't affected as much (as far as I can tell). I tried throwing a whole round with a Buzzz and got destroyed, but mixing in some fairway drivers off the tee I can do better than I would with Archons, Wraiths, and Katanas.
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There's only really one course around here (Deis Hill in Dover, OH) where there would be any need to throw over 500'. The course in Canton has a couple longer holes, but it's so wide-open that par comes easy. Many of the longer holes at other courses have enough obstacles on the fairway that you wouldn't want the Max D drivers. Check out hole 9 at the Portage Lakes course in Ohio. By far the toughest hole I have ever played. Being able to throw 500' means nothing if you can't sink a 30' putt without even thinking about it.
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There are too many shots that I take out of my bag if I start taking out speed 10 or higher drivers. These are shots I simply cannot throw with any small to moderate speed driver, mid or putter. These are shots I actually throw too. My bro and I played today and I actually commented on how I would like to lighten my bag. The problem was that I started to look and realized that there was only one disc in my bag that I hadn't thrown today (54 holes) and the only reason I hadn't thrown it was because it's an Innova Dragon and I only use it on water holes since I get the same action out of my Valk.
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Also, my bag is mostly putters; Aviar p&a, Pig, Rhyno, Wizard, and Hydra. I only putt with the Aviar and Wizard. The other three for drives/upshots, although the Wizard gets the most distance. Nobody gives the Hydra any love. It's perfect for a rising shot that drops straight with little or no fade. Esp Comet, Ace Race Hornet, beat to hell 15 year old Stingray are the mids. I do have a Z Force that has been my favorite high speed driver that I have tried. I had a Katana that I could throw pretty far, but it needed so much room to "flex" that I barely used it. I feel like I can throw my Eagle with finesse, a couple steps and a nice smooth snap, and get good distance. This probably comes from playing all winter, learning to throw with terrible footing in the snow.
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I carry a small bag. I dont always use my surge or force but i wouldnt ever pull em....especially with your game.
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I recently pulled out my hi-speed stuff (Halo, Havoc, Bolt) out of my bag as I was not thowing them further than my Flow or Riot (350'-375'). After playing for a week without those discs, my game got tighter and more controlled. I was concentrating more on my form than anything else. I just put my Bolt and Havoc back in my bag and now I am getting them out to 400' again.

I was trying to rely on my hi-speed discs for distance when I can get that distance with my Riot or Flow just as easliy with more control. Hi-speed discs are a different animal and are not needed for many shots. I will probably put my Halo back in my bag soon because I can easily get distance with that disc into a decent headwind whereas my other discs will suffer.
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I don't make decisions based on speed, I make decisions based on lines that I need. I don't throw a Nuke, because it flies like a Surge SS and I like the Surge SS better. I do throw a Nuke SS, because it fades back after it's been flipped, whereas my Avenger SS doesn't come back. I don't throw 12 and 13 speeds quite as well, but I'll use them if I need to.

I think this adds to my confidence level on the tee pad. I'm never wondering if I should be throwing something that I have a little more control of, or something with a little more distance. I'm throwing the disc that will hit the line I want.
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I carry 1 disc above a speed 10(ish) and that is a Quasar. I have smaller hands so the rim is almost uncomfortable on anything bigger than a 10. I can usually throw my QOLS/F s just as far if not farther. Today, in fact, I played at my home course using nothing but Mids and Putters and came out just above my average score. I would advise carrying a high speed disc, just because it is better to have and not need than need and not have. If you are just playing casual, then carry whatever you want, but for tournaments, I like to be prepared. Most of my drives on most courses do not break the "speed 7" disc requirement. I guess it just comes down to throwing what is most comfortable and predictable.
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Originally Posted by JoshEpoo View Post
If you can throw a Banshee over 400' you need to get some faster drivers. You're looking at over 500' with something like a Nuke, and 450'-475' hyzers with a Destroyer/Force/PD2 type overstable power driver. They're really not any harder to control than an Eagle when you've got the power to work them.
I'll mostly agree with that. It's not necessary to have the faster discs, but with your distance it can only help. Granted it will take practice time away from other skills, so if there's something else that you can work on that you think is more important then I'd definitely do that first.

You'll probably find that most ultra fast discs aren't worth throwing. Many of them target people with much less distance than you.
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