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Originally Posted by ERicJ View Post
I wonder how much stomping there would have been if they'd actually enforced the rest of that rule:

803.04. Stance, Subsequent to Teeing Off -
H. The player may not retrieve the originally thrown disc prior to the re-throw, except in the case of a putt from within 10 meters. Where a disc is retrieved in violation of this rule, a one throw penalty shall be imposed without a warning.
Originally Posted by bradharris View Post
Yeah, I was pretty confused as to why they were letting him retrieve it. It was a jump putt, so clearly they agreed he was out of the circle.
I would bet that they were using common sense. If they said he couldn't "retrieve" his disc (since it went in), does it mean he has to putt with a different putter at a basket with a disc in it? Normally after a made putt, whoever throws next can ask the previous putter to clear his disc. Or can Nikko go clear the putter (under the rules) but not use the same disc? Or ... If you're outside 10m it's just tough putt as it is, (that doesn't seem to fit the rule of fairness, especially when pros can make those putts reasonably often), then if he doesn't make the second one he still doesn't have to clear???

Any thoughts guys??? Thinking about it right now, I think I'd let him go get it if the putt went in after I called the f-fault, but if he missed I'd enforce the no re-use on a valid/seconded foot fault. What would you guys do?

<<< I hope this is still on point for this thread -- no intent to hijack >>>
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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
How do you want others to call your rules violations on you?

Do that.

Call no rule violations?
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Default a tried and true method

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Originally Posted by jenb View Post

Call no rule violations?
Well, yes, if you're playing in a situation where you don't care who wins and nobody wants to learn the rules. Which is a lot of the time, actually.
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Pick up their disc and chuck it as far are you can screaming at top of your lungs.
^Definitely don't do that.
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Some of the problems that people see with calling foot faults on themselves could be easily solved by getting rid of the warning. Make foot faults and practice throws the same thing. If you aren't behind your mark, you count your throw but your lie does not change (since you never threw from it).
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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
How do you want others to call your rules violations on you?

Do that.

Correctly. I would want them to KNOW the rules before disrupting the flow of play with a challenge. I would also want them to be mindful of the spirit of play and the other players on the card. At the end of the day I want a fair round.

You ask how I would want others to call the violations on me...this thread it to expand my knowledge of how to make those calls.

We're not talking about casual rounds. We are talking about rounds where PDGA or a set of rules apply.
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Playing in a c tier earlier this year, in lead after making up 3 strokes. Next to last hole and guy in 2nd calls me for fault off the tee. Warning and I say no problem and grab another disc and threw another shot. Walk to our 2nd shot and his is under a living tree branch. He reaches up and snaps it off so he can take a normal stance vs side step or crouch. I called him on it for destroying property. 3.3.4 btw. He proceeded to throw a 5 minute tirade of cussing and stalling and some name calling. I had a 2nd on the destruction, the unsportsmanlike, and the failure to progress play. In the end the TD was tired and would not enforce anything even with 2 officials supporting everything. He ended up losing because he lost his cool and blew the last 2 holes.

What I learned in reference to your original question is that you want to politely help people learn the rules. However if you get called on something, be courteous and learn from it without being a idiot.

Great question and topic!!
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Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
How do you want others to call your rules violations on you?

Do that.
The easy answer.
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I know after watching people do jump putts and "walking off the circle" I'm going to start carrying a length of an old tape measure. Everyone I see jump putting basically is releasing after their feet leave the ground. Called one guy on it and he lost it. So what's the best way of getting people to stop jump putting when they obviously can't do it correctly? This is the biggest violation I've seen, everyone thinks they can and yet no one seems to be able to do it correctly. I've seen everything from a few inches off the ground to a couple of feet.
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